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Public transport on Phuket is very peculiar, not like in Bangkok. Not every tourist knows the whole truth about city buses on the island, their routes and timetables. For sightseeing Phuket, it is more excellent to take a taxi or car for rent. However, public transport should not be completely eliminated. Today I will tell you about all routes of city buses and attractions, found along the way. If you like to walk a lot, you want to save on a taxi, and the slowness of buses does not scare, use my cards and boldly ride in Phuket.


    Buses from the airport
    To Naya Young and Phuket Town Beaches Patong, Karon and Katasmartbas on Bangtao Beaches, Kamala, Patong, Kata, Karon, Ravai
    Patongkata and Karonkamala, Surin, Bangtaimi Harn, Rawaimym Panwapirs Chalconjon Katuum Sarasinpirs Bang Rong

Urban transport on Phuket not so much: 3 bus from the airport, 9 blue SongTeo on the island, a minibus to Patong and 3 Pink SongTEO by Phuket Town. Already described in detail about three bus station: Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and stop on Ranong Street. End stops on the beaches and in various areas are shown on the map, in addition, you can always catch SongTEO right along the movement. This information is enough to freely deal with public transport on Phuket and combine it.

For your convenience, in the mobile version of the page does not hang, the cards are represented by pictures. To view the full version of the Google map. Click on the pictures. Each card opens in a new window.

Buses from Phuket Airport

From the airport of Phuket to different places on the island, you can fiscal on city buses. They stop at the local terminal, right on the street opposite the entrance. Pointers will hold you in the right direction. If you arrived in the international terminal, you need to pass 200 meters by signposts.

Bus "Phuket Airport – Phuket Town"

Bus route Airport – Phuket-Town Air conditioning and will be useful for those who live on Naya Yang Beach to get to shopping centers Big C, Tesco Lotus, Central Festival or to the city of Phuket. On the map, see the movement scheme, attractions that can be visited. Schedule Watch in a separate article. The cost to the end station is 100 baht, if you want to exit earlier, check the price of the ticket at the conductor.

Bus "Phuket Airport – Patong"

From Patong to the airport there is a conditioned bus or minivan. As usual, he walks quite cunning. Bus route Announced as Airport – Patong – Karon – Kata. Indeed, it can be reached from airport to these beaches. However, you can go to the airport from Patong. They themselves say that you can call by phone + 66-76-328291 or + 66-84-0652122 and order a peak-up with Kati or caron. But who did so? The final stop on Patong is located near the branch of Bangkok Bank on Phang Muang Sai Kor Street. Any Patong living on the beach can travel by bus, for example, to the Talang area. The fare to the final 150 baht, to other areas check by the driver, see the bus schedule in a separate article. Please note that the bus route does not pass by the Naya Young Beach, and it should be through the Maang Mai area. If you want from the airport to leave in Kao Varnish, Phang Nga, Krabi or another province, here is an inexpensive option: get to stop to Maang May, go on the road and take a long-distance bus.

Bus "Phuket Airport – Rawai"

In April 2018, Phuket launched a smart bass that walks from the airport along the coast to Rawai Beach. Cost from 50 to 170 baht. For payment you need to buy a map for 300 baht (100 baht non-returnable deposit). Only one person can drive on one map. For the second passenger you need to buy an additional card. On the map on Smartbas you can also pay in the Mini Markets Family Mart and McDonald’s Cafe, Dairy Queen, The Pizza Company, Burger King, The Coffee Club, Bread Talks, Swensen’s and Sizzler. Sometimes the driver can take payment by cash. Please note that on Patong two stops – near Dzhangzillon and on the beach Street at Bang.

At the high season introduced Night Smart Bus, which runs between the beaches of Kamala, Patong, Karon and Kata. Walks once an hour from 9 pm to 2 nights. Travel from 50 to 150 baht.

Bus schedule Airport – Pierce Rawai: 6:00, 6:45, 7:30, 8:15, 9:15, 12:15, 13:15, 14:15, 15:15 15, 18:15, 19:15, 20:15.
Ravai – Airport Pier Ravai ticket schedule: 6:00, 6:45, 7:30, 8:15, 9:15, 12:15, 13:15, 14:15, 15:15 15, 18:15, 19:15, 20:15.

Minibus "Terminal 1 – Patong"

From the bus station Terminal 1 on Phang Nga Street runs 15-seater minibus. Ticket price – 30-50 BAT depending on the distance. His route: Bus station Terminal 1 – Surin Street – Phuket Municipality – Phuket Prison – Satri School – Vacuir School – Hospital Bangkok Hospital – Soncongen – Tesko Lotus – Katu – Dzhanzilon.

Bus Schedule Terminal 1 – Patong: 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.
Bus ticket schedule Patong – Terminal 1: 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00.

Blue buses from Phuket Town to different beaches and areas

Here it is – authentic public transport in Phuket. Open buses without air conditioning are called SongTEO, which is literally translated "Two benches". Their cost varies from 20 to 50 baht, depending on the route and distance. With many beaches on Blue Songteo, you can get to the final stop in Phuket Town on Ranong Street, as well as on the way to look in the sights of the island. No need to look for special stops, it is enough to miserable to the driver, noticing the blue SongTeo. These buses go with a period of 20-40 minutes, they can be combined, recreated at the final stop. Tell me to the driver or the conductor in advance (if it is), wherever you want to go out, or use the call on the roof of the bus. Specify the schedule in advance, I write only the mode of movement below. For example, the last bus of Kata-Karon-Phuket goes at 16:30, and on the reverse route at 18:00.

Bus "Patong – Phuket Town"

The most popular and famous tourist route №1814 Patong – Phuket-Town. The final station is located near the Ocean Plaza shopping center in the south of Patong. Due to the unilateral movement, SONGTEO follows from the beach to the city on the first street, back – by the second. It can be reached in the Park of Tigers, to shopping centers in Phuket Town, Night Market Sandy Market and attractions of the city. Bus schedule: from 7 am to 18:00 pm.

Bus "Kata – Karon – Phuket Town"

Second popularity Route №8359 Kata – Karon – Phuket Town. First, on this bus you can move from the beach to the beach. Secondly, so many attractions for this route: Temple Chalong, Park Birds, Farm Crocodiles, Shopping Centers, Markets and Other Attractions. Sometimes you can agree with the driver and for an additional fee, it will appear in the temple of the Big Buddha. The bus goes from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. End stop on Kata Beach Near hotel Kata Beach.

Bus "Kamala – Surin – Bangtao – Phuket Town"

City buses on Phuket - Routes on the map, schedule, sights Guide in Phuket

Route №1812 Kamala – Surin – Bangtao unites three beaches. The final stop is located near the post office on the main route of the Camala. SonGTEO can be reached in Phuket-Town Shopping Centers, the Temple of the Lodge Buddha, the National Museum of Talenga, Markets and Attractions of the city. Bus schedule: from 7 am to 5:00 pm in the evening.

Bus "Nai Harn – Ravai – Phuket Town"

Bus number 1815 follows Nai Harn Beach through Rawai and Chalong Ring to Phuket Town. At the same time moving down the street East Chaof (Chaofa East). On the way, the Museum of Sea Shell, Fish Market, Orchid Farm, Dolphinarium, Zoo, Parks, Shopping Centers and Phuket Markets. For an additional fee, the driver will take you to the viewing platform at Cape Promthep. The ultimate stop on the Nai Harn beach is located in the park near the lake. SongTEO walks from 7 am to 5:30 pm.

Bus "Aquarium – Cape Parva – Phuket Town"

Bus number 1817 On the route Panwe – Phuket-Town will be interested in resting in hotels of the area as an inexpensive way to get to the city with its markets, fairs, shopping centers and attractions. If you live in another area, this SongTeo is easily accessible to the aquarium, where the final stop is located. Bus schedule: from 8 am to 16: 00-17: 30 pm.

Bus "Chalong – Phuket Town"

SonGTEO №8360 You will come from Chalong Pier to Phuket Town. The route duplicates the bus from the city to Karon and Kata beaches and go from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Bus "Katu – Phuket Town"

SongTEO №1814 will be interested in those who want to get from Phuket Town to Katu. The final stop is located near the condominium D-Condo Creek. Bus schedule: from 7:30 to 17 pm.

Bus "Saracin Bridge – Phuket Town"

Bus number 1811 goes along the longest route from Phuket Town to the northern point of the island – Bridge Saracin or, as they sometimes write to SongTeo, to Tha Chatchai Street. The bus does not pass by shopping centers of the city, and follows Thepkasattri street through the superchip market and the bus station Terminal 2. At this SongTeao, you can get to the Temple of Phra Tong and Phra Nang Sang. SongTEO timetable: from 6 am to 18 pm.

Bus "Pier Bang Rong – Phuket Town"

SongTEO №1813 follows from the city to Bang Rong Pier, from where the high-speed boats and ferries are saved on the island of Yao Noah and Yao Yai. The route to the monument to the heroines is duplicated with flight to the Saracein Bridge, and then the bus turns towards the Pierce. If you wish for an additional fee, you will be taken to Pier JSC. SongTEO Schedule: From 8:30 am to 16pm.

Pink SongTEO by Phuket Town

For the convenience of transportation in the city, use pink non-closing buses. Their value is only 15 baht. There are three routes and one additional express connecting bus stages on Ranong Street, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Pink buses are convenient if you wish to see the sights of Phuket Town, get to shopping centers from the station on Ranong Street, get to the seedling pier, from where the ferries go to Phi Phi Don Island. See below on the map of the movement and transfers. Pink buses go from 6:30 am to 20 pm every 20-30 minutes.

Route rose buses in Phuket Town and Attractions

After such a detailed article, you will fully focus on public transport in Phuket. Riding on city buses harness patience and reflects all the life of Thais, who are not in a hurry. For your convenience, I collected all bus routes on one map. You can turn off and turn on the layers to download the file. Better to study the map on the computer so that everything is visible.

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