City and resort of Baracoa in Cuba

If you want to see, according to Columbus, "The most beautiful place in the world", then you must certainly visit Baracoa, a small Cuban town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It is here for the first time a famous primary discoverer Christopher Columbus was landed, and the cross established by him in 1492 confirmation.

What is still attractive town? Being a cocoa cube center, Baracoa is famous and a chocolate museum. Nature also contributes to the sailing of tourists: climbing the mountain of El Yunka and the Balcony of Iberia – one of the popular types of guests of Cuba.

The list of UNESCO, National Park. Humboldt attracts travelers no less. The highest waterfall of the Caribbean is located in this area – this is Fino.

Of course, the beaches (Saratoha, Kahuajo, Maguana, Duaba) with white sand and turquoise purest water – another reason to come to Baracoa. Rest in an exotic corner of Cuba Polon unusual places and vivid impressions.

How to get to an exotic corner of Cuba

Baracoa has its own airport, but he taking flights from cities in countries. Nearby airports of neighboring cities are located, from which flights in Baracoa are being done.

Airport "ORESES ACOSTA" (4 km from Moa) from Baracoa 44 km, Airport Punta De Maisi is 38 km from Baracoa, and Los Canos Airport (near Guantanamo) – 75 km. You can fly to one of these airports, and then follow in Baraco bus or taxi. To the above airports, you can proceed from major cities of Cuba.

Alternatively, you can fly to Havana Airport (HAV), Varadero (VRA), Olgin (HOG), and then by the local telephone director or Viazul bus. From Havana or Varadero about 12 hours of the path, from Olgin – just over 3 hours on the road. We are talking about travel by bus or car.

If you arrived in Santiago, but you wish to proceed to Baracoa, you can come to the city on a rented car or taxi. Distance from Santiago to the city just over 200 km, in 3.5 hours it will easily overcome it. On the plane from Santiago to fly 2 hours.

Excursion tours in Baracoa

In Maguan (22 km from the city). Untouched beach and coral reef – dreamed of diving lovers. Duration: 6 hours.

In Yumuri (35 km from the city). Botany will be delighted with seen rare beauty of vegetation, created by nature. And swimming in the pools of the Yumuri River will cool the body from the heat. Duration: 6 hours.

Boots on the Rio Tao River. On catamarans, kayaks, aquabays, following the river surrounded by exotic vegetation – the best active rest.

Rancho Ta. Acquaintance with the process of cultivation and collecting cocoa, coffee, coconuts. Duration: 6 hours.

In Mravi (15 km from the city). A visit to the farm where birds grow, sunbathing on the beach, swimming, "climbing" on coconut palm. Duration: 4 hours.

Pages of the Past and Real Baraco

Opened Light Baracoa was in 1492 by Columbus, landed with his expedition off the coast, where the Indians of the Taine tribe were lived. Baracoa settlement founded in 1511 by Konkistador Velasquez. In 1511-1522, Baracoa was the capital of Cuba.

Later, the championship was given to Santiago, piracy "roared" in Baraka. It was decided to protect the city and its inhabitants from the attacks of pirates. Spaniards begin to build fortresses. Only from 1739 to 1742, four of them were built. To this day, several buildings have been preserved.

Famous Events Fort Matachin. He was a bastion in defense against pirates, was at one time a prison, a refuge. Temporary house-shelter nicknamed "Cursed Castle".

Until 1960, Baracoa was separated by nature itself from the rest of the island of Sierra Del Purial. Highway 120 km of La Forola, laid in 1960 from Guantanamo, gave access to tourists to the city.

Baracoa became the resort. Arriving on the banks of the honey bay, the town pulled towards tourists who love exotic, privacy and pristine nature. From October 10, 1981, a museum is opened here, the exhibits of which are narrated by the history of the city since the days of the Indians and up to the 20th century.

The modern Hotel El Castillo until 1979 was Sang├╝li Castle (previously called "Cell Seboruko"). Lined on a high hill plateau, the castle territory equipped with heavy artillery to protect the terrain from attacks. Punta Fort is built in the northeast of Baracoa. Once there was a telegraph, and now lives restaurant "Guama". To control the entrances and exits from the city, the Towers are built in the 19th century: Paraiso Tower, Caguashi, Hoa-Tower.

Modern Baracoa is clean, ready to receive guests in the center and dirty, is unavailable on the outskirts. Tourism in the city is not so developed so that he can give high points, but the authorities work in this direction, equipping the terrain of tourist objects.

Sights of the resort Baracoa

Having gave the body a bronze tint, enjoying the sea waves, you can find time and to fill your spiritual world, going to get acquainted with the sights of the city.

The geographical "isolation" allows the city to remain a quiet tourist destination, which only begins to flood rest. The northeastern corner of Cuba still boasts a untouched colonial village, secluded beaches, tropical virgin forests, Mount El-Junk, called because of its shape "covered table".

City and resort of Baracoa in Cuba

The city and its surroundings "filtered" cocoa trees, and products from Cocoa are famous far beyond the town. Take a look at the Chocolate Museum, because the Barakoans add cocoa in almost all dishes. Connoisseurs and fans of Cuban cigars will be able to see their production at the local tobacco factory Manuel Pound.

Learn the history of the city in museums. In the Archaeological Museum there are parts of the skeletons from the cave Taino, ancient petroglyphs on ceramic fragments. Unique here and sculpture of idol. There are in the city and Zoological Museum: it presents figures of animals carved from stone.

One of the main attractions of the town is the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady. In it stored the columbus cross. The entrance to the temple is broken by Square and the bas-relief atway is installed, the leader of the tribe Taino. Indian refused to take Christianity and was burned on the fire.

Here you will walk through the miniature copy of the Havana Embankment – Malecon. Local embankment ends in the park named after Christopher Columbus. One of the park’s attractions is a huge traveler statue carved by hand from stump.

The biosphere reserve near the town is included in the UNESCO list. Untouched rainforest still contains rare copies of flora and fauna.

Hire a guide to get acquainted with the exotic nature of the region, and the walk along the reserve will remember for a long time colorful and unique landscapes.

Tips for tourists

– Even August – November – Not the best time to visit this area. During this period, the "invasion" of typhoon. The large humidity of the climate is characterized by frequent rains.

– The lack of hotels in Baracoa does not suffer: almost all of them are located on the first beach line, the service in hotels at the proper level, the system "All inclusive".

– Beach zone is equipped with everything necessary. Cafes and bars are open here. Locals with souvenirs go on the beach.

– Do not go to the tropics yourself, without maintaining local residents or expertise.

– Be careful during your dating with forest inhabitants: there are also copies that can harm human health (ticks, spiders, representatives of the family of creeping and other "non-tracking" residents of the forest).

– If you are going on a tour, getting acquainted with Baracoa will last at least 6-8 hours. Think your outfit and pick up convenient shoes. Do not forget about snacks and water.

After reading our articles about Cuba, you will protect yourself from unpleasant and unexpected episodes while traveling.

City and resort of Baracoa in Cuba

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