City and resort Marseille

Marseille is the largest Mediterranean port, stretching in the southeastern part of France at the mouth of the Rhone on the shores of the Lyon Bay. Multinational, multifaceted and multicultural city. Marseille is the most western resort of the Cote d’Azur, although toulon, Cassis and Yer, are also claimed to this title.

Air Solution: Direct Flights and Flights from

Located three dozen kilometers from Marseille, Marseille Provence International Airport (MRS) is not associated with direct regular flights from anyone with Moscow, nor with the "northern capital" of Russia. Airport serves a half hundreds of directions, so the options for connecting and flights with transfers Great many.

The minimum time on the way is from 7 hours at flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg and from 10 o’clock – from Yekaterinburg. Often connecting flights through Amsterdam (KLM) or Paris (National Air Frame Air France), they are almost twice as cheaper than direct flights to the same French capital.

In early booking, the airline can do a couple of hundred euros. It is possible to save significantly if you follow the "burning" suggestions of the Irish Loadoster Ryanair, for which MRS is one of the main transplant nodes. Often you can intercept tickets to Marseille one of the intra-terraine flights on a "funny" price (literally from 5-10 euros), which will significantly reduce the total transportation costs of the travel.

Charter flights

From large our cities in Marseille, charter airplanes fly from time to time, but charters are much smaller than, for example, in Nice from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Tickets are available only for buyers of batch tours to Cote d’Azur.

Hotels Marseille

Booking database.COM, in Marcel there are 102 hotels, 28 hotels like B&B, of which 27 without stars and one three-star. Out of 102 hotels nineteen silent, four 5 *, 16 – 4 *, 34 – three-star, 24 – two stars, 5 – 1 *. Most hotels are at some distance from the coastline, mainly in the central neighborhoods of the city. This is logical, because Marseille is not only a beach resort, but also a major financial and industrial center, they come here not only to relax, but also on business issues.

In hotels, located on the first beach lines, hotels with our own beaches can not be founded, but there are local restaurants from their beaches. In particular, they own half the Beach Borel. Also worth mentioning the beaches of Corbier, De La Battree, Prado, Forten and de Love.

The most common types of food: without meals or BB (breakfast only, in the room or buffet). Delivery of food and beverages in the room offers 28 institutions. It is also worth noting that the cost of living in Marseille hotels is quite "democratic", especially in comparison with Cannes or Nice hotels.


In Marseille and its surroundings you can find beaches for every taste. In the city itself, the beach infrastructure is well developed, and a lot of secluded Calanok (Calanques) with picturesque cliffs and wonderful conditions for practicing activities: mountaineering, walking under sail, swimming and diving.

Within the city feature, about 20 hectares occupies a comfortable beach "Prado" with places for picnics, green plantings, water salvation services and medical care points. The only minus – the beach pebble.

Sandy "Boreli" consists of two parts, paid and public. In a paid part belonging to local restaurants, you can perfectly combine beach holidays with lunch at reasonable prices. Usually umbrellas and sun beds enter. On a free half of the beach there is a children’s recreation area and a volleyball court.

Surfers choose the beautiful ovist beach with good waves near the shore, and tourists with children often give preference to the Beach "Bonven", near which Skate Park is located.

Attractions Marseille

City and resort Marseille

The most visited local attraction – Cathedral Notre Dame de la Gard with the famous 11-meter statue of the Virgin Mary. Among other things, tourists are attracted here wonderful views of the city (Basilica is built on the highest Marseille Hill). Despite his youth, the attention of guests attracts the city cathedral, built in the 19th century. The secret of the popularity of the temple lies in an unusual design, amazingly combining Byzantine and Romanesque architectural styles.

A rare tourist will avoid dating with the old port – Marseille’s soul. In a colorful and lively port zone, you can feel the spirit of the largest Mediterranean port and admire the picturesque views of the endless sea, giving exquisite fish dishes in one of the coastal restaurants.

Not far from the coast over the waves, an island with a sadly famous castle of IF, built as part of a defensive line from attacks from the sea, but later turning into one of the most gloomy prisons of southern France. Here you can see the legendary "iron mask".

Pretty gloomy and, at the same time, the magnificent view has the abbey of Saint-Victor, more resembling the fortress. After the more harmful original construction of the 5th century was fired from the land of Sracin, in the 11th century an impregnable stronghold appeared. As Saracins fired the first buildings with the Earth, but did not touch what is under it, ancient crypt with sarcophagi IV century has been preserved. The entrance to it will cost only two euros.

There is from what to choose lovers to wander around the museums. In the local museum of elegant arts, the masterpieces of painting and sculptures of 16-19 centuries are exhibited for everyone. Creations of the ancient masters can also be found in the Ceramics Museum in Chateau Pastre and the Museum of Fine Arts in the Elegant Lonshhan Palace. Here is the Museum of Natural Science. The Museum of the Mediterranean Museum of the Archeology of the Mediterranean is located, the exposition of which disclose the gloomy and majestic pages of the history of the region.

Tarrow specialization at the Museum of the History of Marseille. Destinations and Museum of Navy, telling about the glorious victories and bitter defeats of French sailors. A rare woman will calmly passes by the Museum of Fashion, where the outfits of different eras are presented.

Neighborhood of Marseille

In July-August for 6 euros, you can ride on the railway from the center of Marseille to the town of La Couronne and back. Railway excursion lasts an hour with a quarter. During this time, the passengers will have admire the picturesque coast and visit several authentic Provencal Villages. However, on the railway, it is easily accessible to any of the resorts of the Cote d’Azur, each has a lot of curious sights.

Resting in Marseille, it is easy to visit the casino of the dwarf state of Monaco and admire the ex-en-provence, one of the most beautiful French cities; Ploy in the Saint-Tropez, well-known to our compatriots on the films "and God created a woman" with the beauty of Bridget Bardo and the Kininomydes about the charismatic gendarme performed by Louis de F├╝gen; admire chic mansions of Saint-Jean-Cap Ferra and visit Nice and Cannes.

City and resort Marseille

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