City and resort Limassol in Cyprus

Limassol – the largest resort of Cyprus and the second size of the city of the island. In this article, we will tell all the most interesting and important about Limassol, its beaches, hotels and attractions. Talk about all the advantages and cons relatives.

Where is

Limassol is located in the very center of the southern coast of Cyprus Island. Cyprus card with resorts, cities and airports, see our article "Map of Cyprus".

How to get

There is no international airport in Limassol, you will have to go from Larnaca or Paphos Airport. There are only two flights a day in Paphos, and only from Moscow. Almost all flights from Russia are sitting at Larnaca Airport, about what we talked in detail in the article "Flight to Cyprus".

If you bought a batch tour, then the transfer of the tour operator will deliver. From Larnaca Airport, go about 1 hour, from Paphos as about 1 hour.

If you relax yourself, you get it most convenient to all the ordered transfers. From Larnaca Airport will cost 45-55 euros. From Paphos Airport is also 45-55 euros.

If you go by taxi, the trip will cost 60-80 euros and from Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport. Tariffs See in our review "Taxi in Cyprus".

Cheaper time break by bus. At Larnaca Airport, sit on the bus "Larnaca Airport – Limassol Express", you will reach Limassol for 50 minutes, to stop "Agios Georgios Havouzas Church". The price of a bus tickets to 4 euros, read the details in our review "Buses in Cyprus".

Stop "Agios Georgios Havouzas Church" is located 4 kilometers from the coast. The hotel will still have to go by taxi (prepare from 7 to 15 euros).

From Paphos Airport, you can take the bus "Paphos Airport – Limassol Express", ticket price – 4 euros. Come to the same stop "Agios Georgios Havouzas Church" for 50 minutes. Next to the hotel by taxi – from 7 to 15 euros.

Description of the resort and city

Limassol differs from most coastal cities in Cyprus. In most cities, the historical center is removed from the sea a few kilometers. The reason for the inclusive raids of Arab pirates in 7-9 centuries, Cypriots were forced to move from the coast of deep into the island. So happened to Larnaca and Paphos, so formed the city of Paralyimni, where the resort Protaras is now located.

In Limassol, the historical part of the city is on the coast. Limassol was not a major city, began to grow and flourish only in 10-11 centuries. For tourists, this fact is only "on hand", because all historical sights are on the coast, it is not necessary to go. Old town is directly adjacent to the coast and strip of hotels.

Settlement on the site of modern Limassol existed for another 2000, what is the archaeologists found by archaeologists. The date of the foundation of the settlement is unknown, there is no antique authors records. In ancient times, the city was called Naples or Feodosian.

There are records that in 85 D.N.E in the settlement arrived Emperor Armenia Tigran Great. At that moment, Armenia won Syria, Lebanon and Small Asia, began to conflict with Rome. The emperor has established relations with the local Greeks, attracted them as allies in the war with the Romans. It is believed that since the time Armenian diaspora lives in Limassol. In the vicinity of the city there is even a completely Armenian village of Armenchiri.

Limassol has become famous in the Middle Ages. In 1191, Cyprus won the English King Richard I Lion Heart during the third cross campaign. In Limassol, he married Berengaria Navarre, this is the only case of the wedding of the English kings outside of England. It was at the wedding that Korol Richard tried Cypriot wine and proclaimed: "This wine for kings, and the king of all wines". Subsequently, this wine was called "Commandary", we were told about it in detail in our review "Cyprus Wines and another alcohol".

In the Middle Ages, Limassol flourished, although it was not the largest port of Cyprus. From the Middle Ages, we were left the main historical sights – Limassol Castle and Colossi Castle, Cat Monastery, Monastery of Saint Focla. Begins to form your face old town.

The real flourishing came to Limassol after 1974, when Turkish troops occupied part of Cyprus, the island was divided into Greek and Turkish. Thousands of Greeks-Cypriots from Northern Cyprus moved to Limassol. The extensive large port of Cyprus, Famagusta ceased to function, and cargo traffic through Limassol increased.

Now the population of the city of Limassol is about 200,000 people. Together with the suburbs of Agia Phil and cities of Polemidia, Mesa Geutonia, Agios Afanfsios, Germsogy and Jules are formed the largest city agglomeration "Big Limassol" in Cyprus with a population of more than 250,000 people.

The resort area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLimassol passes along 16 kilometers of the coast from the British British British base in the West to the Pier of St. Rafael in the East.

Often to the resort of Limassol, the beaches and hotels in Pissouri. However, we prefer to share these resorts, too differently. Read our detailed review "Pissuri".

Now Limassol is the largest in the port of the Republic of Cyprus. Here are three large harbor – Limani Palio (Old Port), Neo Limani (New Port) and Marina (Yacht Pier).

Marina Limassol was put into operation in 2014. Capacity – 1000 ocean class yachts. Located next to the Limassol Castle. Nearby is a small old port, now it is used as a parking lot of fishing boats.

The new port is located 1.5 kilometers to the west. Bay of 11 meters deep, the length of the breakwater is 1300 meters, can take large ships. Citrus and other fruits, grapes and wine are shipped from Cyprus.

Limassol is the center of the Alcoholic Industry of Cyprus. In Districte (province) Limassol is the foothills of Troodos. Here are the best grapes in Cyprus grapes of Synequers and Mavro, they also produce the best wines. In Limassol, there are winery and central offices of Keo, Sodap, Etko, Loel – the leading alcohol companies of the island.

Limassol – the main shipping management center in Cyprus, here are the offices of more than 60 shipping companies. An interesting fact that Cyprus has the 11th largest fleet trading fleet – 31.1 million tons of carrying capacity, 5 times more than the our merchant fleet!

Naturally, all these trading ships are only registered in Cyprus, and no more attitude to Cyprus, nor to Cypriotas have no. But shipping is another branch that brings Limassol tax revenues in direct and indirect species.

And of course, tourism is one of the main sources of income. Limassol is attractive with its beaches and a great set of hotels. All this will be talked in detail.


Beach Akti Olympion (Akti Olympion) – Main Municipal City Beach, Total Length – 2 kilometers. Conditionally divided into sections of Akti Olympion A and Akti Olympion B, there is no difference between them. Extends from the molos in the west to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the East.

It is considered the most comfortable beach in Limassol. There is all the necessary infrastructure: locker rooms, showers, toilets, disabled facilities, rescue service. The beach was awarded the "Blue Flag" – an indicator of security, developed infrastructure and water quality. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

At the beach of Akti Olimpion there are serious shortcomings. First, not all of his 2 kilometers are littered with sun loungers and umbrellas. Its capacity is several times less than it seems at first glance. In the summer season in some areas it is very crowded, tourists are resting like "Herring in Barrel". Fortunately, the beach is long, you can always go through a few hundred meters to the next area.

The second drawback is few bars and cafes on the beach itself. Betering has to walk across the road – Street on October 28 (28th October Avenue). The movement along this street is weak, but still a pleasant little.

The third drawback is a small depth of the beach area, in some places from water to the road only 10 meters. Parents are very complaining of this, they are disturbing for children. And who wants to rest in constant alarm state?

East Beaches from Crowne Plaza. To the east along the coast there are several beaches: Danala, Santa Barbara, Onisilos, Armonia, Loures, Vouppa, Aphrodite, Amathounta, Pareklisia, Panagies, Aoratoi, Miami. All these beaches also have alternative names. All these beaches "on one person" – dark (places light) sand, in some places there are umbrellas and sun loungers, near the road that is not very comfortable. Only Castell Beach (Castella) is highlighted, awarded the "Blue Flag", there is all the necessary infrastructure.

Beach Kurion (Kourion) is located 17 kilometers west from Limassol, on the territory of the British military base Akrotiri. His remoteness determines the main advantage – there are few people here. Infrastructure is almost no infrastructure, only one small cafe.

On the beach, Kurion almost always has wind, and it is considered one of the best places in Cyprus for windsurfing. Very reasonable to visit this beach together with the ruins of an ancient coar.

You can get here by taxi for 15-25 euros, or cheaper – by bus 16, 16a, 16b or 18.


In Limassol, about 40 large full (with officially assigned stars) hotels.

Here is the largest set of "tops" among all resorts of Cyprus. They are 7: Amathus Beach, GrandResort, Four Seasons, Londa, Parklane Resort & SPA, ST RAPHAEL RESORT & Marina, The Royal Apollonia Beach, he is in the photo on the left, click on the photo to enlarge.

Often, the COLUMBIA Beach Resort is still on the list of "Pyaterok", but it is located in the Pissouri resort, to count it to Limassol hotels incorrectly. "Fourth" about a dozen, other hotels 2 or 3 stars.

Hotels in Limassol have a very diverse booking policy. There are hotels that cannot be booked over the Internet, you can get into these hotels only on a batch tour. Part of hotels can only be booked through official sites, it is impossible through Booking.COM, Hotellook and similar services. Every hotel dictates their rules that is very uncomfortable.

Interesting moment that in Limassol there are hostels. Recall that in Cyprus hostels there is almost no big. About 10 hostels in Limassol, the price of the night – 800-1200 rubles per person.

In addition to hotels and hostels, in Limassol about 300 villas, apartments for a meal and aparthechoes – from luxury apartments with several bedrooms to modest studios apartments. There are about a hundred mini-hotels and guest houses.

Attractions and entertainment

Limassol – the leader among the Cypriot resorts by the number of attractions. Describe everything on this page we can not, limit ourselves only to the top10.

Waterpark Fasouri Watermania

Best in Cyprus Water Park for Children, and Adults Here will be fun. In 2007, Fasuri Water Park received a reward "The Best Water Park of Europe".

There are more than 30 rides for visitors of all ages, including: multislide from 6 tracks, water climbing, water bar, Wet Bubble, Tarzanka and Pool with artificial waves.

You can get to Water Park Fasuri on a free bus, the entrance is: 29 euros for adults, 16 for children.

Read the details in our article "Waterpark Fasuri".

TC MY Mall

Located near the water park, these two objects are convenient to visit in one day. This is the biggest shopping center on Cyprus Island.

Here you can have a snack in the usual ours McDonalds, KFC or Pizza Hut. Or try Greek dishes in Gyros Tou Cosmou and Gregory`s Mikrogevmata.

Set of entertainment in My Mall Worthy: Soft Children’s Game Zone, Bowling, Slot Machines. Here is a big ice skating rink, very busy going to skate when on the street +40.

For shopping lovers – more than 100 stores, including world brands: Adidas, Bershka, Ecco, Mango, Tezenis, Zara and others.

Zoo Limassol

This zoo is small, there are only about 300 large animals here. However, he has a huge advantage – a convenient location, it is located on October 28, just 150 meters from the eastern end of the Molos.

A couple of entertainment hours are guaranteed. In the Zoo of Limassol, you can see funny meerkats, jumping kangaroo, large worans and crocodiles. From 10-00 to 13-30, you can see the feeding of different animals, search for the schedule at the entrance to the zoo.

You can get from any beach hotel on buses 12, 25, 30, 33. The entrance is worth: 5 euros for adult, 2 euros for a child. Opening hours in the summer season: from 9-00 to 19-00.

Embankment Molos

Section of the embankment from the old port in the west to the beach of Akti Olympion in the East, now turned into a large park, it is called "MOLO".

Here are lawns, sculptures, fountains, pours for fishermen, playgrounds, cozy gardens with benches, cycling paths, rollerwoman, several cafes and restaurants.

This is a favorite place and tourists and local residents. Tourists come here to relax from the bustle of crowded beaches, relax in front of bed.

Recommend to buses 12, 25, 30, 33. For a walk on Molos money do not take, almost all objects in the park are free.

Read the details in our article "MOLOS".

Limassol Castle

Limassol Castle in its current form built Turks in the 16th century. It is believed that before the restructuring it was the Cathedral of the city of Limassol, the Jerusalem king of Gi de Lusignan in 1193 was erected.

It is believed that Richard Lion’s Heart and Berengarius Navarre got married here. The only wedding of English monarchs outside England.

Now here is the Museum of the Middle Ages of Cyprus with an excellent collection of armor and weapons, guns, sarcophagus, coins and documents. For men, this collection will be extremely interesting.

City and resort Limassol in Cyprus

The museum is open from 8-00 to 17-00, on Sundays from 10-00 to 13-00. Ticket price – 4.5 euros.

Old city

The historic center of Limassol was built and rebuilt the last 400 years. Greek and Turkish houses, mosques, churches are adjacent here. Walking along different streets, you can see how the city in Ottoman and colonial periods lived.

In the old town there is already mentioned above Limassol Castle. Here are the main and most interesting museums of the city – the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Folk Remedies. And the main religious objects of the city – the big mosque and the Church of St. Catherine.

Be sure to look at the city market, where you can find the best fruits and vegetables. The old town is the best taverns of the city, with a wide range of Cyprus dishes and a variety of mese sets.

Read the details in our article "Old city".

Castle Colossi

This is the fortress of crusader knights, built in the 13th century. Externally, it resembles a large watchtower than a castle. Is located 14 kilometers west from Limassol, in the village of Colossi.

The castle was once had a great importance for the Crusaders. He guarded a sugar factory, and sugar, as well as wine, brought knights fabric revenues.

Now the castle is open for tourists. From the sugar factory there is nothing left, but you can see the fortress inside. Everyone’s tourists are here: narrow braces, arsenals, garrison relaxation rooms, a narrow spiral staircase, the coat of arms of famous knight.

You can get to Castle Colossi by bus 17. Ticket price – 4.5 euros.

Read the details in our article "Castle Colossi".

Museum of wine and winemaking

The museum is located in the village of Emar, where the grapes have been growing for 5,500 and make wine. The museum building has been 150 years old, it served as a hotel where winemakers loved to stop at the market in Limassol.

The halls of the museum are devoted to the art of winery in Cyprus in different epochs – from the ancient Greek to modernity. Here you can see the equipment and learn about the technologies of winemaking and storage of wine. A separate stand is devoted to the traditions of cooking.

Tastings are held on the lower floor. In the assortment of the museum tasting hall of wine with 38 Cypriot plants.

An interesting fact that the museum has its own string orchestra from 14 musicians. Their game can be ordered for a festive event.

Input price – 4 euros without tasting, 7 euro with tasting. Opening hours – from 9-00 to 17-00. To get convenient by bus 16.

Mountains Troodos

Limassol is considered the best option for excursion to the mountains and the foothills of Troodos. Monasteries, villages and winery Troodos is the main charm of Cyprus.

The most popular destination for excursions is the monastery of Kikkos, his winery became famous far beyond the limits of the island, here they make the best sowing and commandation.

Cyccosoma can only argue the village of Omodos, which also became famous for wine-making traditions. In the village of Ojdos there are monasteries and temples, storing power and ancient icons, and the local museum will tell the history of the craft of weaving lace.

Lovers of an active lifestyle ride in the mountains of Troodos on bicycles, but it’s a hard thing. There are some interesting pedestrian routes in the mountains.

Read the details in our article "Mountains Troodos".

Feline monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in Cyprus. In the 4th century, a terrible drought took place in Cyprus, and a lot of snakes were divorced in the surrounding lands. At that moment, Holy Elena arrived at Cyprus (Mother of the Byzantine Emperor), she ordered to establish a monastery and bring cats from Egypt here. Cats quickly destroyed snakes, and the monastery stands to this day.

Now this is a valid women’s monastery (was originally a man’s), inside tourists are not allowed. However, it is not worth upset, all buildings here are new, the ancient buildings have long destroyed fires and earthquakes.

Now in the monastery 6 nuns and hundred cats. Entertainment for tourists: feed the pets to buy oil and icons in the local bench, relax and distract from the city bustle.

Read the details in our article "Feline monastery".

Curion City

The city of Kurion flourished in ancient times – from the 12th century d.N.NS. After the earthquake of 365, he was so completely and never recovered.

However, the era of the heyday left us a lot of buildings, which I wonder to look at tourists: amphitheater, baths, Arena, Villas noble citizens. Mosaics on the villages of villas are interesting to tourists most, and the biggest collection of mosaics was found in the "House of Achilla".

Nearby, in the village of Episkopy there is a museum where you can see the most interesting archaeological finds: statues, ceramics, fragments Mozaik.

Archaeological Park Kurion is located 13 kilometers from Limassol. Visit price – 4.5 euros.

Read the details in our article "Kurion".

Have a good holiday on the beaches in Limassol, and read our interesting articles on holiday in Cyprus (Links below).

City and resort Limassol in Cyprus

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