City and resort Izmir – Pros and Cons

What to prepare tourists who have decided to spend vacation in Izmir in Turkey? What are the pros and cons of this resort area? Which resort zones are better? How to choose a hotel? Where to go to see how to have fun? Read the answers in our article.

Last tourist news from Izmir

Just (in June 2021), a new Radisson Izmir Aliaga hotel has opened, which claims to become the most cozy and convenient for the guests of the region. The hotel is located in the north, in the resort area of ​​Allaga. Look at this new product, may interest.

Where is

Izmir is the largest city of the Aegean coast of Turkey and the third largest in the country. Located 450 kilometers south of Istanbul, 450 kilometers west from Antalya.

In Turkish Riviera, this is the most northernmost resort area. Next to the south there is a resort Kusadasi, west from Izmir is the resort of Czech. Map with resorts, cities and airports on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, see Nearby, click on the map to enlarge.

Izmir’s Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Airport (ADB), it is located 19 kilometers south from the city center.

Do not confuse – the city of Izmir and the resort Izmir

When our tourists are considering Izmir as a resting place, then think about the following: "This is a big city and resort. We can go to large museums, and in the amusement parks, and on the beach is great to rest. Super!". Unfortunately, it will not work.

In the city of Izmir, there are no beaches suitable for bathing and tanning, no beach hotels, no "all inclusive". The beaches are outside the city west and north from the city, at least 40 kilometers. On the beach will have to ride a taxi or bus, which is expensive or uncomfortable.

Under the phrase "Resort Izmir" it is customary to understand several resort zones north, west and south from the city. They are located 40 kilometers from the city. These resort areas have beaches and beach hotels, but to travel expensive or uncomfortable.

Therefore, you have to choose: or the beach, but to the city away, or all the sights and entertainment of the city nearby, but the beach is far. For the middle our tourist, the first option is clearly preferable.

Resort areas around Izmir

It makes no sense to talk in detail about each, all these mini resorts "on one person". In each one or two hotels with official stars (2 or 3 stars) and a dozen or two guest houses. There are apartments and villas for rent.

There is almost no tourist infrastructure. If there is a couple of cafes next to the hotel, where you can bother to eat, it’s already lucky. Shops within walking distance of the hotel usually have but small. About water parks and amusement parks can not even dream. For entertainment and cultural program will have to go to Izmir or order excursions.

There is one exception – the largest resort area of ​​Gyumuldur, where there is your water park. In Gyumüldur, the tourist infrastructure is developed relatively well.

Card the province of Izmir with the main resort areas, see Nearby, click on the map to enlarge. The arrows indicated the time of travel from Izmir airport.

Someone small and quiet resorts like, someone does not. Your business is to choose how interesting it is for you. Our business to tell objectively and in detail.

Dikili Resort Zone (Dikili) located 120 kilometers north of Izmir. You can get from Dikili to Izmir by bus, travel time – 2 hours.

Resort Zone Alia&# 287; a) located 60 kilometers north of Izmir. You can get from Alseagi to Izmir by bus, travel time – 1 hour.

Spa zone Foca (FO&# 231; A) located 60 kilometers north-west from Izmir. Getting from here to Izmir can also be on the bus, 1 hour.

Karaburun Peninsula (Karaburun) located 80 kilometers west from Izmir. On the peninsula, several small resort zones: Mordo&# 287; AN, &# 304; Skele, Merkez, Bozk&# 246; Y, Hasseki, K&# 252;&# 231;&# 252; Kbah&# 231; E. From here to Izmir walk buses, on the way – 1.5 hours.

Urla Resort (URLA) Located 40 kilometers from Izmir. The city of Urla (the capital of the region of the eponymous region) is away from the sea, but in several villages on the coast in the north of the city there is a resort area. Izmir can be reached by bus, on the way – 40 minutes.

Czemeal Resort (&# 199; E&# 351; MEALT&# 305;) is north of the urla, 50 kilometers from Izmir. Route to the city of Izmir can be on the bus, on the way – about 1 hour.

Czech area Sometimes also refer to the resort İzmir. However, it is still generally accepted to allocate Czech in a separate resort. Read our detailed and interesting article "Resort Cesme".

Spa zones Radzik (s&# 305;&# 287; AC&# 305; k) and acade (akarca) Located 50 kilometers to southwest from Izmir. By bus to Izmir you can take about 1 hour.

Gyumuldur resort area (G&# 252; m&# 252; LD&# 252; R) Located 50 kilometers south of Izmir. By bus about 1 hour drive. This is the largest resort area in the resort Izmir. There are 2 hotels 5 stars here 4 stars, which run the All Inclusive system. In the area of ​​Gyumuldur, there are many cafes, restaurants, there is a water park.


Chief Plus – Airport near. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Airport (Izmir AdNan Menderes Airport) is within an hour’s ride near all resort areas. It is preferred to get from the airport to Gyumyuldur resort, only 40 minutes drive.

Second plus – beaches. Almost all beaches in the resort areas of Izmir have a "Blue Flag". And these beaches are rarely filled with people. Pilottenies are possible only on weekends and for holidays, when Turks from Izmir come to rest. Holiday schedules See our article "Holidays in Turkey".

Third plus – big city near. Although it is expensive to get to Izmir, long and uncomfortable, still a big city is value. In Izmir, many attractions, big bazaars, shopping centers, entertainment.


The main minus is a weak tourist infrastructure in resort areas. Restaurants Little, entertainment and local attractions. If you just want to lie on the beach, then for you this minus will be insignificant. But do not forget that the beach will be public.

The second minus is a weak selection of hotels. For the middle our tourist, the hotel is of paramount importance. ours want pool, slides, all inclusive, beach near. With such wishes, the resort is Izmir the choice is small – 5-6 options in the resort area of ​​Gyumuldur.

The third minus – they do not speak English here. Unlike Antalya and other resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, on the Aegean coast, our is not in honorable. our tourists are not so much here, learn our staff hotels, merchants and taxi drivers are in no hurry. In the event of a trip to Izmir, it is better to know English at least at the basic level.

Rules for buying a tour or hotel booking at the resort İzmir

First. If you buy a tour, you must see the airport arrival. If the flight to Izmir Airport (Code: ADB), then everything is wonderful – you will come from the airport to the hotel quickly, no longer than 1 hour.

But if the flight to Bodrum Airport (Code: BJV), then you will drive 2.5-3.5 hours, depending on the resort area. If the flight to Dalaman Airport (Code: DLM), you will go to 3.5-4.5 hours.

Second. If the rest is needed first of all entertainment, choose a hotel in Izmir, better closer to the subway station. You can get on or taxi on the beach, or by bus. You can buy some excursion to the beautiful places of Izmir Province, usually during such excursions arrange a stop on a beautiful beach for an hour or two.

If you want to relax at the hotel near the beach and want to have near enough cafes, restaurants, shops and aquapark, then choose a hotel in Gyumuldur resort area.

If you want a relaxing holiday away from the crowd of tourists, from noise and bustle, then choose any resort area, but besides Gyumyuldur.

About hotels We will talk in detail below in this article.

A bit of history

Izmir is one of the most ancient cities of the Mediterranean. And one of the most long-suffering. Recent excavations conducted by the University of Ega Izmir in 2005, found traces of settlement 7 Millennium D.N.NS. This an ancient settlement is based on the very first Troy.

About 1500-1000 years.N.Eh became Greek, and in that epoch he gets his historical name – Smyrna. The ruins of the first Greek city are now preserved, buildings are dating 1000-700 years.N.NS. Smyrna was one of the strongest Greek cities, reaching a development peak in 650-550.N.NS.

In 610-600 years.N.uh city won the leaders, partially destroying. In 545.N.NS. Persians won all small Asia, and the city of Smirna completely destroyed. New city of Smirna founded Alexander Great in 334.N.NS.

In the city went under the power of Rome. The city flourished, but in 178, our era was destroyed by an earthquake. Emperor Mark Arellium rebuilt Smyrna, most of the ancient buildings in the city dates back to this time.

In the Middle Ages, the city of Smyrna passed from hand to hand, they owned alternately Byzantine, Seljuky Turks, Kitvitari-Hospitallers, Genoese. In 1389, the city seized Ottomans under the leadership of Sultan Bayazid I.

But in 1402, Tamerlan seized Smirnu from Osmanov, then "the first massacre in Smyrna" occurred, when Tamerlan’s soldiers cut out almost all the Christian population of the city. In 1415, Sultan Mehmet I returned to Nammunov. Smyrna’s city became part of the Ottoman Empire until the end of its existence.

At the end of the 16th century, the Golden Age began. The city and port of Smirns became the main transit point for exporting goods from the Ottoman Empire, primarily cotton. The city opened the trade facts England, France, Holland, Venice and other European powers. Smyrna developed and rich even despite the disasters: the epidemic of plague in 1676, an earthquake in 1688, a big fire in 1743.

In 1770, a Czech battle took place at 100 kilometers to the west, in which the our fleet destroyed Turkish. In Smyrna, Muslim fanatics arranged "second massacre in Smyrna," about 1,500 Christians killed. In 1797, a new riot, another 1500 Greeks and several hundred French.

By the beginning of the 20th century, about 400,000 people lived in Smyrna. Of these, about 134,000 Greeks-Christians, 9 200 Armenians, 17,200 Jews and 54,600 Europeans. This is the data of the official census of 1893. In Turkey, the city was called "Gavur Smirna" ("Invalid Smirna"), as the majority in the city were Nemusulman.

After the defeat in the first world and collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Greek army landed in Smyrne. However, the Turks under the command of Ataturk were divided by the Greeks and their army retreated. By September 8, 1922, Greek soldiers were evacuated from Smyrna, and on September 9, the Turks entered the city.

Then an event occurred, which is called "Massacre in Smyrna", it is no longer called on the score, but they write with a capital letter. Turkey denies the fact of these events, although the documentary evidence is enough, including photos, stories that were then in the Smyrna of Europeans. Especially in detail described what is happening the US Ambassador George Horton. After all, the murders took place directly opposite his embassy.

Metropolitan Chrysostom was brutally insistered and killed by Turks in front of the French soldiers and officers. Now the chrysitiety is declared a martyr and ranks saints.

On September 13, a huge fire began, which destroyed the Greek and Armenian quarters of the city, and at the same time destroying almost all certificates of massacre. By a happy coat; the circumstance (seemingly randomly) the fire did not touch the Muslim quarter of the city. The Greeks running from the fire crowded on the embankment in the hope that Greek ships will be taken. There they stayed a few days without food and water.

After the fire, the part of the Greeks-men cooked into the internal regions of Turkey to "Forced work". Naturally, few of them returned.

The exact figures of the dead in the massacre in Smyrna cannot be calculated, since the fires destroyed thousands of corpses. Approximate estimates – from 100,000 to 250,000 people.

Turks do not recognize their guilt. According to them, the Greeks and Armenians themselves set fire to the city. Naturally, in the world, no one believes. As a result, Turkey is not fundamentally taken to the European Union and a number of other international organizations until they recognize the Armenian Genocide and a massacre in Smyrna. Although the question of Turkey’s accession to the EU is very complex, there and without genocide there are enough disagreement.

After the proclamation of the Turkish Republic in 1923 the city rebuilt. Greeks here was no longer, since the surviving Greek population went to Greece under the exchange program. The city became completely Turkish. It has always been an important port city that has grown and developed on trade. The modern name "Izmir" is an adapted name for Turkish title "Smirna".

What is Izmir now

In recent decades, Izmir grew in two directions. To the east, the living quarters with houses of 3-5 floors were built away from the coast. Along the coast in North-West and South-West were built elite areas. As a result, in the modern boundaries of the outlines of the city, the crab with the sinister clamshes resemble.

Square of modern Izmir – 893 kV. kilometer, which is comparable to Perm or Volgograd squares. The population is 3,000,000 people, this is the third in the population of the city of Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. By rating "Life Standart", this is the first city of Turkey, that is, the city with the highest standard of living.

Izmir has always been and now is a port city that flourishes on trade. Now in Izmir, offices of 2500 international companies, the ports of the Izmir (there are several of them here) shipping a significant proportion of Turkish export goods.

Izmir – one of the education centers in Turkey, there are several largest universities in the country, in the city of 8 higher educational institutions. Many students after study remain in Izmir, and as a result of the average age of the population now – 30.1 years. Izmir is one of the most "young" major cities in the world.

Tourist industry in Izmir is almost never developed. Inside the city of resort zones no, the resorts are evaluated from the city, but the development is weak. Fortunately, in the province of Izmir well established transport links. Almost all small towns on the coast can be reached from Izmir on buses or mines "Dolmush".

Inside the city it is convenient to move on the subway (20 kilometers of lines and 17 stations) and trams &# 304; ZBAN (110 kilometers of lines and 38 stations).

Weather and season

The weather in Izmir and the surrounding area is almost no different from other resorts of Turkey. The beach season begins at the end of April and ends at the end of October. Details in our article "Weather in Turkey".


If you decide to stay in the city of Izmir, then the choice of hotels will be more than worthy. For 60-80 dollars per night: M&# 246; Venpick Hotel Izmir 5 *, Hilton Izmir 5 *, Renaissance Izmir 5 *, Wyndham Grand &# 304; zmir &# 214; Zdilek 5 *.

Just more expensive, 100-120 dollars per night: SWISS&# 244; Tel Grand Efes Izmir 5 * and Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention 5 *. The latter is very interesting, right at the hotel there is a thermal source. 4 stars hotels about two dozen, prices – from 40 to 80 dollars per night.

In the resort area of ​​Gumuldur Choice of hotels is modest. 5 stars just two hotels. The most interesting – Club Yali Hotels & Resort 5 *, It is here that the water park is. Club Yali Hotel works on the "All Inclusive" system, the recreation rate is 150-180 dollars per night for two. Second: Paloma Pasha Resort in the eastern part of the gyumuldur resort, also works on the "All Inclusive" system, the price is from $ 200 per night for two.

4 more 4 * 4 * also operate on All Inclusive. All of them are along the beach, have their own sections on the beach with sun beds and umbrellas for their guests. If you briefly summarize: Select Gyumuldur in the resort there is from anything, although you can’t call a chic selection.

In the rest of the resort areas around Izmir The choice is extremely poor. Usually there are one or two hotels 2 or 3 stars and guest houses that have official stars and can not be. By experience, and here you can find a good hotel with clean rooms, delicious food and beach near. But you need to search, read reviews, study the location.


In the city of Izmir many attractions, many interesting things, but there is not a single "top". We will tell only about the most significant and popular with tourists.

Ataturk face (ATAT&# 252; RK Mask&# 305;)

This is the largest and impressive sight of Izmir. Speaking from the cliff statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Monument height – 42 meters (15-storey house). The foundation of the statue can see the famous words of Ataturk "Yurtta Bar&# 305;&# 351;, Cihanda Bar&# 305;&# 351; ", translated as" the world of the house, the world around the world ".

It can be said that this is a Turkish answer to Americans and their mountain Rashmor, where the faces of the four US presidents are carved. However, there is a big difference. Persons of the presidents in Mount Rushmore are carved from the cliff, and the face of Ataturk is a concrete structure with a metal frame. But ataturk 2.5 times more in size.

City and resort Izmir - Pros and Cons

This is the biggest embossed sculpture in Turkey and the 10th in size in the world. Opened in 2009.

Monument is located in the south of the city, go for a taxi. You can watch free.

Water Park Gyumyuldur Yala Castle (Yal&# 305; Castle)

Located in the gyumuldur resort area, which is 50 kilometers from the city of Izmir. For children at this resort is the only object of entertainment within walking distance.

Get into this water park yourself from other resort areas around the Izmir can not even try. At taxi is very expensive, on buses you need to drive with a change in Izmir, which is very long.

Here are 18 big water slides. Among them there are no extreme or unusual. Here put more by quantity than on quality. Children’s zone small but interesting. There is a "lazy river" and "dry fountain" – this is a platform where the jets beat out of the floor.

Price on weekdays and Saturday: 105 lire for adult (14 years old), 75 lire for a child (6-14 years old), children under 6 years old – free. On Sunday and Festive Days: 140 lire for adult, 95 for baby. Actual course of Turkish Lyra, see our article "Money in Turkey".

The huge plus is that this ticket implies All Inclusive on the territory of the water park – drinks, snacks, animation, disco.

Izmir Museum of History and Arts

This museum was opened at this place in 2004. Located in the historic center, in Kulturpark, near the Basmane Gar Metro Station. Nearby there is a small amusement park, you can combine the cultural program with entertainment.

Here are the best finds of archaeologists from all excavations in the province of Izmir. The museum is divided into three large sections: stone, ceramics and valuable items.

In the sections of stone items, many statues of Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras. Greek and Roman sarcophages and bas-reliefs are shown.

Section of ceramics to tourists are usually not very interesting. In the section of valuable items, you can watch ancient jewelry and coins dating from 6th century d.N.NS. and to the Ottoman Empire.

Price of entrance ticket – 7 Turkish lire. Opening hours – from 8-00 to 17-00.

Aquapark Aquaciti Balchow (Aquacity Bal&# 231; OVA)

This is the only large water park in the city of Izmir. Located in the southwest of the city. Water park is located in the elite area of ​​Balchis of the city of Izmir, at the same time and the prestigious area look.

Here are 16 large water slides and several children’s. There is a large pool (Olympic size). Total water park area – 4 hectares, capacity – 4000 people.

Input price on weekdays: 45 lir, children under 6 years old – free, weekends and holidays: 50 lir, children under 6 years old.

Pir the food and drinks inside, even a simple water. Prices in local cafes are 2-3 times more expensive than on the street, and the quality of food is below. In the water park they are allowed only with caps. If not stuck with a hat, then you will have to buy for 5 lire.

Clock Tower Izmir

This tower of 25 meters high is not very impressive of an ordinary tourist. However, it has a great cultural and historical significance.

The tower was built in 1901 in honor of the 25th anniversary of the acceleration of Sultan Abdulhamid II. The opening hours of German engineers are given to Sultan Kaiser Wilhelm II. Building from expensive marble, around are four fountains.

Interestingly, this building in a clearly Ottoman style with Magreb notes built a Frenchman – Engineer Raymond Charles Per. He lived most of his life in Izmir, designed many buildings, including this tower and the first hospital.

The tower is located on Konak Square in the historic center of the city. Inspection free.

Agora old Smirns

Ruins of the ancient city of Smyrna, not the most ancient 10th century d.N.NS., and restored by Alexander Great in the 4th century d.N.NS., Destroyed by an earthquake in 178 and restored by Emperor Mark Awerley.

Excavations in this place began in 1932 and continue to this day. The best has been preserved Agora – Market Square. There are many whole ancient columns, aqueduct, residues of houses and warehouses. See what but nothing grand.

In the northern part of the complex, the walls of the basilica are preserved, the length of the structure – 161 meters, width – 29 meters. Well preserved basement.

The price of an entrance ticket – 5 Turkish lire. The complex is located in the historic center of the city, 200 meters south of the CANKaya Metro Station. Opening hours – from 9-00 to 17-00.

Zoo and Bird Reserve Chigley (&# 199; I&# 287; Li)

Zoo and Bird Reserve are nearby, in the western suburb of Chigley. Usually they are visited by one, the bird reserve as the main place, the zoo "in the incoming".

In the zoo contain 1200 animals of 120 species. There are elephants, giraffes, flamingos, ostrises. But nothing new, compared with our zoos, do not see here. Ticket price – 3 Turkish lira.

Izmir bird reserve call another "bird paradise". It is located on salty swamps Sinley Chamalt, the area of ​​the reserve – 80 kV. kilometers. Here you can meet 205 species of birds, 63 of them live all year, the rest stop during migration. 56 types of flight birds nest in the reserve.

The reserve has a special towers for watching birds, you can rent binoculars. You can move only by special tracks, for this you can rent bicycles. For nature lovers, it is better not to come up with.

Important moments

– In Izmir, you will have to pay the Turkish li everywhere. At the resorts, merchants are only limited to dollars and euros. We’ll have to change money, read our review "How and where to change money in Turkey";

– If you are not going on All Inclusive, then the problem of nutrition is relevant. Prices for food in cafes and shops can understand from our interesting articles "Kebab in Turkey", "Becheakes in Turkey" and "Prices for products in Turkey stores";

– about being taken to Izmir to rest, read our article "What to take to Turkey";

– How much, how much to take on current expenses, read in the article "How much money to take to Turkey".

A pleasant stay in Izmir, and read our interesting articles about the Turks and Turkey (List of articles below).

City and resort Izmir - Pros and Cons

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