City and resort Agadir in Morocco

Agadir is the resort town. This does not mean that you are recently created by the artificial resort area, as, for example, Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt or Port of El Cantausi in Tunisia. Agadir has a rich history, although he does not boast of majestic buildings of the past, like Marrakesh.

When the city of Agadir was built, it is not known exactly, since any documents do not tell about this event. It is just known that on the maps, he first appeared in the 14th century. In 1960, there was a terrible earthquake here, which destroyed almost the whole city.

The victims were huge. In total, about 40,000 people lived in Agadir, and the element killed 15,000 of them. Perhaps it was the largest natural catastrophe in the history of modern Morocco.

It was completely restored, but in a new place. Modern Agadir is 2 kilometers south of the old town. Many tourists notice that the city is completely new, there are no old buildings in it. Now you know why.

The main population of Agadir is Berbers, and not Arabs, as can be seen throughout the country. The population of the city has long exceeded 300,000 people, and do not think that this place in Morocco was created for tourists and for the sake of tourists, as in the resort zones of other countries that we talked about above.

The rapid development of the city became possible largely due to the tourist industry. Agadir is south of other resorts Morocco. For example, it is located south of the famous Casablanca by 500 kilometers. The water of the Atlantic Ocean is warm here, and the Agadir is considered a year-round resort.

City and resort Agadir in Morocco

In winter, the water temperature is about 17-18 degrees. Of course, very warm such water is not called, but for swimming in the ocean it is quite suitable. For example, in Egypt, the temperature of the Red Sea is about the same.

Despite the proximity to the equator, the air does not heat up to extreme temperatures, like, for example, in the UAE. In the Arab Emirates, the influence of the Arabian desert on the climate. In Agadir, the desert is also not far, and this is the largest desert on the planet of the sugar. But its influence is not felt, as the coast is reliably protected from Sahara Atlas Mountains.

It is thanks to climate, Agadir became a popular resort for Europeans. Especially fastened by the French, since they are comfortable here all. Almost everything in Morocco speak French, although he is not official as in Tunisia.

Morocco for a long time was under the rule of France, and only in 1956 the French recognized the independence of the country.

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