City and Cannes Resort

Cannes (as well as Kan or Cannes) – one of the most popular and nothesive resorts of the Cote d’Azur. Located in the southeastern part of France, in the east of the French Riviera, not far from the border with Italy. Back in the 19th century, Cannes became a favorite holiday destination our elites, and in the 20th century, after World War II, there was a sharp increase in the popularity of the resort after the start of the famous International Film Festival.

Aviation message

Cannes has its own airport, but regular and charter flights from Russia do not fly here. Mandelle Airport (Cannes Mandelieu Airport) accepts only private jackets. If you do not have your own air vehicle or you are not going to get to Cannes rented business jet, the nearest fit airport is Nice Cote d’Azur, Nice Airport. Travel options are also possible through Paris or Lyon, from where in Cannes easily reach in 5 hours or 4 hours, respectively, on TGV trains. It’s even easier and cheaper to get to Cannes from Marseille, from where the trains of the film festivals are regularly sent to the capital.

Air travel from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Nice Airport will last 3.5-4 hours. These routes carry out regular direct flights Aeroflot aircraft. For the week, air transportation air transport commits eight flights Moscow (Sheremetyevo) – Nice. From Moscow Vnukovo and Pulkovo (St. Petersburg) flying aircraft "Russia". In the high season to get to Nice is also one of the many charter flights. Right from the building of the airport of Nice, bus number 210 is sent, in 45 minutes reaching the Palace of Festivals and Congresses in Cannes. The fare was 22 euros as of summer 2016.

Hotels in Cannes

Booking database.COM in Cannes has 104 hotels. In all of them, including half a decade of silent hotels, there is free Wi-Fi. The number of hotels 2 *, 3 * and 4 * is slightly different, 28, 30 and 34 institutions, respectively. In 22 hotels, there is a restaurant, 31 offers food and drink delivery. In the hotels of Cannes, a lot of our tourists, especially in high season. So, in the legendary hotel Martinez in the low season 9% of guests – ours, in a high season, the share of holidaymakers from the our Federation reaches 20%. In Radisson Blu & SPA indicators even higher – in high season ours make up about half of guests.

Much of hotels in the first beach lines. The main "highlight" of elite seaside establishments – its own beaches, on which the umbrellas often have umbrellas and deck chairs have to boast for extra money and in advance. The most expensive hotels are located on the famous Croisette waterfront, but the room price can essentially fluctuate within the same institution.

Very much on the cost of living is influenced by Sea View, the rooms without species on the sea are much cheaper. Another savings option – early booking. If the summer the room rate in the exquisite coastal hotels is 500-600 euros per night, then at the beginning and middle of autumn, when the number of tourists is reduced, but the sea is still warm, prices fall at times. In particular, in the establishments of Kyriad or Ibis networks, it is easy to rent a room for approximately fifty euro per day.

The most common type of food – ro, without meals. Over a third of hotels, mainly 3-5 *, offer breakfast, buffet or continental. The tenth of the hotel offers self-catering accommodation, where you can cook lunch or fresh food dinner.

Sights Cannes

Above the central part of the old town of Cannes towering the Hill of Syuce with a 22-meter tower of the same name, the most colorful historical and architectural monument of the historic city center. The hill opens up magnificent views of the bay. For the fortress walls surrounding the tower, the Church of Notre Dame de L’Complerance is located (Church of Our Lady of Hope, XVII century). From the cinema, which is broadcast by the pictures of the famous Annual Film Festival, excursion tram regularly goes. Excursors can listen to the text of the excursion through headphones in French, German, English and our.

Fans of contemporary art costs to the Musee Chapelle Bellini and the Malmaison gallery (Galerie De La Malmaison). On the island of Saint-Onor, connected to the mainland ferry crossing, located in the 5th century of our era Lerinsky abbey, once owned, including the fishing village of Cannes. Nowadays the monastery belongs to the Cistercymen who have opened for the public only a club, the Abbatian Church and the Museum of Medieval Manuscripts.

City and Cannes Resort

In addition to the Catholic Cathedrals in Cannes, there are our Orthodox Church, Mikhailo Arkhangelsk Temple. On the history of the city and the entire Mediterranean region, you can learn a lot of interesting in the Museum of De La Castres (FR.: Musee de La Castre), where artifacts belonging to different epochs and civilizations are exhibited. At the Museum of the Sea (Musee De La Mer) put up for everyone to review a thing with sunken ships.

Where can I go

Since 2012, TGV trains from different cities of France began to walk on the Cannes City Station. Railway can be reached by Lyon for four hours, and to Paris for five. Tickets are quite expensive, but there is an opportunity to save, if you buy them in advance via the Internet, on the SNCF website. From all major cities cheaper to get through the railway to Marseille, connected to Cannes TER trains. The cost of travel is very low, especially in comparison with the cheapest tickets on TGV.

For the Mediterranean highway passing from Cannes, the A8 motorway is easy to get a car not only to the resorts of the French Riviera, but also to many cities in Spain and Italy. Paid road. In the direction of Paris, it is recommended to go through a picturesque road number 85, which is often called "Dear Napoleon".

In French Riviera, you can experience luck in Casino Monte Carlo (Monaco); to visit Oazisis Middle Ages, the cities of Ez and Saint-Paul-de-Vans; Ploy to the resort towns of Nice and Saint-Tropez; Sit in the restaurant of the old port of Marseille and admire the neat houses in Provencal style in large surrender.

Cannes Film Festival

Although the former fishing village of Cannes became a rather popular resort in the 19th century, when the town was chosen by the aristocrats from England, the our Empire and other countries, the explosive growth of the resort’s popularity occurred already in the 20th century, after World War II, when the annual was held in Cannes Film Festival. Today this event attracts the stars of cinema and show business from all over the world.

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