Citrus Festival in Mersin – Oranges More than people

Who is nagging? Who has autumn chanda? Who lacks bright colors and particles of summer? Then remember the Citrus Festival, which literally recently sampled all the solar shades in Mersin, which in Turkey.

This year, the fifth event passed on November 15-16.

Small refinement: not to confuse the event in Mersin with a similar festival in Menton (Menton Lemon Festival) that in France.

The only difference is that the event in the Riviera has already spent more than eighty times and "in the main roles" exclusively lemon.

And in Turkey – everything is in a relatively young event and everything is: both oranges, lemons, grapefruits and other exotic fruits, which can be attributed to citrus.

On average, at least 100 tons of "consumables" are used to create sculptures, costumes and other installations.

I have no doubt that a French holiday can be more ambitious, famous, original, colorful, enchanting, and so on.

In the end, the lemon festival is older, and therefore attracts more attention.

But I decided to devote this review to the Turkish event.

Citrus Festival in Mersin - Oranges More than people

Most of all I am surprised not to install themselves, but the method of their manufacture.

I admire these wonderful turtles, elephants, houses, giraffes, pyramids, cars and other luxurious works and perplex: how to go together these hundreds and thousands of citrus balls together!?

How they were brought, sewed, glued, screwed?

And I can’t find an answer to my question. Maybe this is the "firm secret"?

Definitely, such a wonderful event should be accessed at least once, admire the grand parade, see the movement of models that demonstrate fruit costumes and fasten citrus souls.

Citrus Festival in Mersin - Oranges More than people

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