Cities Zambia: Lusaka

The capital of Zambia, Lusaka, did not even exist at the beginning of the 20th century, until the 1930th of the year it was a small and "Sleepy" Agricultural village, suddenly becoming the capital in 1931.

The city center is located in the western part, the government district is somewhat east and, for the most part, the city is not rich in architectural and historical monuments. But Lusaka is amazingly rich in a variety of galleries showing the work of local artists. Among the best of them – the visual gallery of the art Henry was keen in the Shawground area ("Exhibitions outdoors") a few kilometers east of the center, Mpala Gallery halfway to the center, and the garden of sculptures at the Garden House hotel, a few kilometers west of the center. Museum of the Sinta Community, located northwest of the center, represents the traditional applied art of the country.

Another main attraction in the capital is a noisy open market of Cumala – several trading quarters south of the center. Also in the city there is an anthropological museum and a village-museum of African life.

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Lusaka hostel is not bad, but a lot of people. Deciding to search again, we found Kalulu Hostel on the parallel street, which was not specified in Lonely Planete. Koyko-space cost 60000 read more →

Korop Yuri Sergeevich | January 2012

Cities Zambia Lusaka

Acquaintance with Lusaka

Be it’s not about Zambia, but in some other country, we would not worry at all. There was an African night and the first day on the Black Continent, the whole district seemed hostile to read more →

Vazlavs | February 2012

Lusaka – Typical African Megapolis

The capital of Zambia was not and is unlikely to ever become a tourist center. This is a typical African 3.5 million city, resembling an immensely diverse village with a single main street where one and a half dozen clearly "Soviet" high-rise buildings, some of which are also abandoned. And around – skums of urban poverty, staying in which not only is not necessarily, but also categorically dangerous. Read more →

Cities Zambia Lusaka

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