Cities Zambia: Livingston

Livingston, located 300 km on Southwest from Lusaka – one of the oldest European cities of the country and the starting point for traveling to Victoria Waterfall. Here, the first bridge-coast of the Rocky Gorge Zambezi was first interconnected in 1904.

Railway Museum, which is located a few hundred meters to the west of Livingstone Station – this is a collection of old engines and rolling stock, opening every morning with a rail blow. Many this place resembles a rustful pile of scrap metal, but there are copies of railway equipment, which can hardly be found in the world, so it is quite popular with tourists.

The National Museum of the city is somewhat more attractive and represents the assembly of archaeological and anthropological relics. The main exhibit is a copy of the Neanderthal’s skull, whose estimated age is more than 100 thousand. years. There are also examples of ritual crafts and crafts of Tonga, a mockup of an African village, a collection of things of the famous traveler and researcher of Africa David Livingstone and the exposition of African maps belonging to 1690 g. If all this is too boring for you, you can familiarize yourself with a fairly terrible meeting of witchcraft accessories.

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The greatest interest is Victoria Waterfall, however, the locals in their local language were called as "Radiant smoke", The same name is MOSI-AO-Tuna National Park. Read more →

Cities Zambia Livingston

Sergey Chikachev | May 2016

Zambia, Livingston, Victoria Waterfall

Arriving in Livingston, we, of course, went to the main tourist location of the region, namely, Victoria Falls. You can see the waterfall on both sides. Read more →

Zimbabwe. Crossing the borders on foot, or 111 meters of pure adrenaline

From Livingston on a taxi we reached a few minutes before the border of two states. And there, through the checkpoint, on foot, fastened to the territory of Zimbabwe. Visas did not ask us. Read more →

Cities Zambia Livingston

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