Yemen city: Taiz

In 256 km south-west of Sana, in the most southern spurs of the Western Mountain Ridge, there is an old town of Taiz. Lying on the slopes of the mountain Sabir (3006 m) at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level, and even near two large marine pools, it has a pretty soft on local climate and ancient history.

The first mention of Taiz in the chronicles refers to 1173, and by the beginning of the XIII century he processes a powerful fortress circuit, around which the urban core is gradually formed (in 1175. He becomes the capital of the Ayubid dynasty). Highly dissected relief of the city with large height differences and the powerful fortress contributes to its safety, and by the XIV century Thais becomes one largest and most beautiful cities of Yemen, being up to 1500. NS. Capital of the country (or rather – one of the capitals, the second is considered the city of Babe, located 160 km north-west). Here traditionally grown the famous Yemeni coffee, and later – shrub Cat, and today it is the largest industrial area and a recognized Jewelry Center Yemen.

Cities Yemen Taiz

The city is often called the cultural capital of Yemen – his architecture and traditions are so characteristic and distinctive. Despite the fact that the old town today is almost completely absorbed in fast-growing modern quarters, within the old fortress wall you can find a lot of beautiful vintage buildings and mosques.

The main attractions of Taiz are the fortress walls (XIII in.), which from the south side have been preserved almost in the original form, standing on a lonely rock Al-Kahira fortress (El Kahira, rises above the city by 450 meters) – the oldest part of the city, the gate of Bab-Musa and Al-Bab Al-Kabir , Al-Ashrafia mosques, Al-Muktabia and Al-Mudiffar (one of the most beautiful in Yemen), the Palace of Imam Ahmed, with a small museum dedicated to the last ruler of the city, whole quarters of old brown brick houses, the SUK-TAZ market (one of the best places in the country for buying silver products and carpets), as well as lying a little east of the city feature Palace of Salah with his Museum of the Royal Family.

Cities Yemen Taiz

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