Yemen city: Aden

The city of Aden lies in the south of the country, on the shore of the bay of the same name. This is another ancient city, known as Adana, or Asana, since VII in. to N. NS. (The city is mentioned even in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel). In the Middle Ages, it was a powerful transit port, whose role increased even more after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. The former capital of the People’s Republic of South Yemen (1967-1970.) and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (until 1990), the city lost its capital status, but remained one of the most stressful ports in Asia, the most modern and cosmopolitan city of the country.

Aden is located in the crater of the extinct volcano, whose caldera forms a protected harbor of the city, and the walls of the ancient crater – the city surrounding the city with a semiring of an elevation (the city and port itself is located on the peninsula, which enhances the bay from the East). Therefore, the old part of the Aden is called simply – Crater. Here, on the shores of the Harbor Tavakhi (Tavila), you can see the Palace of Sultan Lakhchaj, in which now is located the National Museum with an extensive meeting of the subjects of the associate period, adenal tanks, or tanks (artificial pools, partially choke in the rock, and the beginning of the construction of this system is related to VI B. N. NS.), Rimbode mansion, ethnographic and military museums, Saiyid Abdulla Al-Aidar Mosque (built in the XIV century in honor of the Saint Patron of Aden) and the fortification complexes Jibal Hadida and Jibal Shamsan. At the cage and the outside bank of the peninsula, the Khormaksar business district, the Hadid-Mount-Fort complex, Ceir Citadel (Sira, XVI-XVIII centuries.) and two first-class beaches – Seyire Beach and Abiyan Coast. On the opposite shore of the Gulf, in the zone of the ancient harbor on the front of the front-bay, there is a twin city Little Aden (powerful oil terminal), and good beaches of Blue Beach, Hubban Island and Salil Island, the resort district of Gold Moore and port complex Burajac Sport.

Cities Yemen Aden

The neighborhood of Aden is beautiful by themselves – this is an alternation of attractive shores with clean sand, a picturesque bay having a volcanic origin, large rocky seeds, the swampy shores of Sailan bay and small fishing villages in protected bays.

Cities Yemen Aden

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