Venezuela Cities: Kuman

In the eastern part of the coast (402 km from the capital), in the throat of the extended sea bay of Kariako, lies the picturesque town of Kuman, challenging the title of the first settlement of Europeans in South America.

Founded by conquistadors Gonzalo de Okampo in 1521 (although there is evidence that Franciscan missionaries preached in this place already in 1515 g), by the middle of the XVII century the city has already become one of the significant ports of the Caribbean coast. He was repeatedly destroyed by the Indians, and then with enviable perseverance was renovated again, becoming the capital of the state of Sucre nowadays.

Cities Venezuela Kmanana

Here, one of the national heroes of the country РAntonio Jos̩ de Sucre, who won the battle with Ayakucho, was born, which made it possible to unite the efforts of South America in the struggle for independence, and then became the first president of Bolivia. Therefore, the main attraction of the city is a museum of Sucre, having an extensive collection of artwork and documents of the conquest of independence.

Numerous buildings with architecture in Spanish colonial style are also deserve attention: the Church of Santa Yeez, the City Cathedral at Plaza de Bolivar, the Maritime Museum (the city has the largest fishing fleet in the country), as well as Star-like Fortress Castillo de San -Antonio de la Einiencia (1669 g), still towering over the city.

Cities Venezuela Kmanana

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