Cities Vanuatu: Vila (Port Vila)

The capital of the island of Efat and the whole country, Vila, or Port Vila, whimsically bends around the shore of the bay of the bay and skipped with its quarters to the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains. This charming town, carrying an imprint of several crops, is traditionally considered the most colorful city of the country, which accompanies and business quarters are quite European, and cozy green villages. However, the capital is the only city on the islands, so to compare it here is simply nothing with.

Compact Central Commercial District forms a small, total kilometer for kilometer. The city center, limited on the one hand, the bay of the Vila and the steep slopes of the hills on the other. Highway Cumul – the main transport artery of the city, running along the coastline past the main landmarks of the capital, such as a majestic cultural center with beautiful artistic, archaeological and ethnographic collections, Konvenyuchn-Building buildings, Independence Park with the Anglican Church, Parliament, the Old House of the Court, Post Office, Fisheries and covered markets. The French Quarter lies the north of the center and can boast a handful of colonial buildings in colonial style. Chinese quarter or how local residents call him – Hong Kong Street, spread around Ryu-carno, and widely known for its restaurants and cafes.

Cities Vanuatu Vila (Port Vila)

Anglican Church in Tabaga, not far from the airport, Catholic Church (City Cathedral) and Presbyterian Church in Independence Park. Not far from the suburb, Nambat has extended a whole series of coastal markets, famous for the best prices for food and the total lack of time and bustle. Cemetery in Anaber is known for its old crypts and colorless decorated Chinese and Vietnamese tombstones. You can make an excursion to the nearby Islands of Hat, Pele, Moso, Rellepa and Island Kakula, to the extinct volcano on the island of Nguna or on the island of Emaau – Votchin of magnificent rain forests, rare birds and butterflies.

In the city you can find numerous discos, a lot of first-class restaurants who brought the capital of Vanuatu to the fame of the Pacific Pacific Capital, Casino Royal Palms, the University of Sauz-Pacific, as well as the colorful island of Iririki in the bay of Vila, directly opposite the urban embankment. Also in the capital there are four excellent golf courses. Recently, Port Vila turns into a major offshore center of the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, therefore, in addition to traditional markets, you can find many banking offices and shops in the city.

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