US Cities: Austin (Texas)

The capital of Texas – the city of Austin (Austin) is located on the Colorado River in the very place where it breaks down from the mountains on the plain, at an altitude of about 165 meters above sea level.

The eastern part of the city lies on a relatively flat plain, while the western part and the outlook are in a hilly terrain on the edge of Hill Country, because of which the city is often exposed to sudden floods caused by rains in the Rocky Mountains and on the EduardS Plateau. Americans themselves call Austin "The capital of live music of the world", What is not surprising – here are more musical organizations and groups than in any other American city. Music life revolves around dozens of clubs on East Sicst Street and Annual Festival, known as South Bai-Southwest, although in general the number of music presentations and festivals performed here are huge. And although most tourists visit Austin for his bright nightlife center and festivals, there is something to see and beyond the framework of festive events.

Sights of Austin

The main architectural monument of the city is located in the very center of the complex Capitolia (1888 g.), consisting of more than two dozen government agencies. Built from color limestone, the capitol decorated with the statue of the goddess of freedom and is considered to be the seventh size of the complex of government buildings in the world (the height of the building is 93 meters, which is higher than the Capitol in Washington). Also beautiful mansion Governor’s residence (1856 g., By the way, it is open for visitors daily).

The second unusual attraction of the city is Bridge Pennibeker Bridge at Congress Avenue, considered "place of residence" The largest urban population of bats (up to 1.5 million individuals!) in North America. In the season, every evening, thousands of these animals fly out from under the bridge in search of food, which collects many locals and tourists in its surroundings (there is even a special species cafe here), which is not surprising – the bats every year eat up to 14 tons of different insects, noticeably Having facilitated the life of citizens. And in the fall, when bats are collected in flocks for migration to the south, up to 10 thousand tourists accumulates every day.

Also, interesting local landmarks are constructed at the end of the XIX century "Moonlight towers" (Moonlight Tower) up to 45 meters high, placed around the city and designed to illuminate the central quarters at night. These openwork designs serve as a permanent placement of decorations to all sorts of films and simply colorful part of the city landscape.

Cities United States Austin (Texas)

Interesting Museum of Art Blenton (Opened in 2006.), Texas Bob Balock State History Museum, Texas University University Library> named Lindon Johnson (US President) with Museum of the XX century and Texas Memorial Museum (Extensive exposition on geology, paleontology, anthropology and state natural science), which occupies two buildings Art Gallery Archer Huntington, Zilker Park On the south coast of the Colorado River (area 3 hectares) with his botanical garden, natural center, sculpture park and museum, recreation area around the lake Town Lake, peaceful natural reserve around the old residence of the State Secretary of Mephild-Esteit to the north-west of the city, as well as first-class National Research Center Flora (1982.) Kilometer south of the city center (except for a luxurious botanical collection, here you can see a system of aqueducts and tanks, which is part of the largest rainwater network in North America;.

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Cities United States Austin (Texas)

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