City of Tunisia: Monastir

In 24 km south of Susta lies Monastir (Phoenician Rus-Penn, later – Roman Ruspenna), the ancient religious capital of Tunisia and a modern international recreation center. From the north to Monastir, the resort zone of Scherises is adjacent, next to which is the main international airport of the region. Nightlife here is not so stormy, as in the resorts of SUS and Hammamet.


Home Historic Monastir Sightseeing – Remains Rabat Hartema, defensive building VIII in., Later who became part of a powerful fortress-Kasba, gate Bab-As-Sur and Bab-hell-DARB (XIII B.), vaulted mosque (IX1 BB.) decorated with four domes Mausoleum First President of Independent Tunisia Habib Burgibiba, Museum of Islamic art With a luxurious collection of ancient manuscripts, fabrics and products made of glass era of the Fatimid, as well as imam mosque Sidi Ali El Mezher On a huge cemetery Cube, To be buried on which Muslims are a great honor. The coast is enough here "boring", But the pools of hotels are created according to the latest design and technology.


Recreation nature: calm, leisurely and what is called, "presentable".

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Skanes stretched along the seashore for 6 km and is an almost continuous chain of hotels. From here it can be easily reached by both the center of Monastir (4 km) and to Susta (8 km). Along the coast run "Tourist trains" (The fare costs 2-4 TND depending on the distance). Cafe and discos in Screeze outside of hotels there is almost no – in this sense the resort area depends on the nearby cities of Monastir and Sousse.


By the number of hotels, Monastir is inferior to Hammamet and Susu. The most comfortable hotels are located on the Skanes coast.

Most of restaurants, shops and discos focused in the center of Monastir. Cheap and high-quality restaurants: Fish Restaurant La Grotte, Restaurant with Tuni Cycake Les Sportifs.

In the monastery there is a yacht club, a scuba diving center (although the coast of the resort does not represent much interest in terms of the wealth of the underwater world), a golf club and a riding school in Screeze.

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