Cities of Tunisia: Machia

Mahdia is located 45 km south of Monastir, on a small cape, coming into the sea. This is the southernmost (after the island of Djerba) Resort Tunisia.

Tourist infrastructure is developed not as much as, for example, in Sousse, and the hotels are significantly less. The resort is most suitable for supporters of a quiet, secluded rest. Home Highlights of the Area – Luxury Beaches with White Sands and a relatively small number of tourists.


Interesting medieval Medina, The focus of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, picturesque embankment, delicious small square dance du Qair with an octuugol minaret mosque Mustafa Gamza (1772 g.), Big mosque (1965.) – accurate copy of built in 921 g. Mosque destroyed in 1554 g. Spaniards, little mosque Slieman Gamza, Museum of Islamic Culture, Machia National Museum At the gate Skift El Cala, fortress BUNG EL-KEBIR (XVI B.), Punic cemetery with Museum of Salak and snorkeling centers.


Beaches with luxurious white sand – Mahdia business card. Therefore, it is not surprising that the overwhelming part of hotels is located directly on the coast and has its own beaches.

Cities Tunisia Machia
  • Beach Mahdia

Directly in the urban trait of Mahidia hotels almost no – most are located in the tourist area north of the center of Mahdia. This is a quiet, drowning in the greenery. Get to the city center from here you can "Tourist train", Which runs along the entire coast (fare – 2 TND), or by taxi (about 2-2.5 TND).

Every day, famous fish markets are held here, where you can buy a variety of freshly fisheries. Scuba diving centers are available in the Hotels of Club Tapsus 3 * and Mahdia Beach 4 *.

Submarine Flora and Fauna of Machia of Special Interest for Craft Divers do not represent, but newcomers can successfully pass here underwater swimming (about 320 USD for a five-day course).

Cities Tunisia Machia

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