City of Tunisia: Hammamet

Hammamet – an ancient fishing port and one of the most popular marine resorts of the country, is located on the coast, 70 km south-east of the capital.

On the site of the city in 180 g. N.NS. The Roman Colony of Putput appeared, renamed Arabs in Hammamet subsequently by Arabs ("Place for bathing").

Hammamemet – the most green and picturesque resort of Tunisia, famous for its sandy beaches, always overwhelmed the sun. At the beginning of the 60s on the shores of Hammamet bay, the first hotels arose, now they can take up to 42,000 tourists. This is the perfect place for beach holidays. Modern Thalassotherapy Centers – Hammamet Pride. Hammamemet is a calmer and conservative resort compared to the Sousse. Most tourists (and especially tourist) goes here to combine traditional beach holidays with intensive wellness and rejuvenating procedures.

Hammamet is now actively expanding south, so it is better to choose hotels in the center or in the north to nearby.


Medina – The main historical landmark of the city is a quadrangular fortress on the very seashore, with Large mosque (X B.) and the market. The buildings of the city are designed in a traditional Arab style, with harmonious arches and domes, but even a couple of the same buildings here are not found – each of them has its own unique architectural form. Next to the medina there is a former tomb of Sidi Bu-Hadida, as well as built with the use of antique elements pictorial House Georg Sebastiana, In the garden of which an international art festival is held annually.


Interesting to visit the fleet of children’s attractions "Fabilend", amusement park "1001 night" and aquapark, or the biggest golf club of the country – "Golf Citrus", Inspect the numerous luxury hotels located among the groves and gardens, as well as to spend time on the beautiful beaches of the city, stretching by almost 14 km or refix health in the best centers of thalassotherapy in the country – "Bioazur", "Piano Talassa" (the largest in the Mediterranean) and "Fost Sentr".

In the southern part of the city there is a young resort area Yasmin Hammamet (or "Hammamet-Zude") – one of the largest and most modern in the country. The complex includes several beaches, port Marina With the possibility of mooring to 740 pleasure ships, perfectly planned embankment with many institutions, modern medina, children’s entertainment center Cartagoland, Landscaped city parks with fountains, dive centers, numerous discos, casino, restaurants and golf club. Here are a lot of varied sea walks and water entertainment.

The vast majority of restaurants, shops, discos are concentrated in the old and new Hammamet (Medina) centers, as well as in the resort tourist area "Yasmin Hammamet".

Popular discos: Manhattan, Kaligula, Eurobar, Las Vegas Hotel Nahraves, Entertainment Complex in Hotel Sol Azur.

Cheap and high-quality Hammamet Restaurants: Fish Restaurant Les Trois Moutons, Il Pomodoro Fish Restaurant, Restaurant with Tuni Kitchen Le Barderousse, Network of inexpensive L’Olivier Restaurants. Popular Arab cafes for tourists where you can smoke hookah and drink local drinks, located in the old center.

Cities Tunisia Hammamet

In 2002, aquapark was opened in Northern Hammamet, and in 2003 – the amusement park in the southern part of the resort. Water slides are available at the Hotel Paradis and Royal Azur, and the Sol Azur has a casino.

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Cities Tunisia Hammamet

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