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Founded by the Romans as a customs post of tourists at the source of the Limmat River on the shore of Zurich Lake (Zürichsee, Lac de Zurich), for the VI century, he was already a major shopping center of the region, quickly spent her German tribes. To the slopes of the Alps from here only 30 kilometers, and all of them can be overcome through water arteries, they can be freely descended to Rhine freely, and from there – to the Baltic, so the city is rapidly growing. In 853, the first abbey (famous and in our days, Fraumyunster) was founded here, in 1218 the city receives an imperial privilege, and already in 1336, the mayor is not a member of a notable kind, but the leader of the union of local industrial workshops Robert Brun. Zurich was the center of the Reformation, and the City of the Republic, hence the first railway in the country was laid to Basel. In general, its current situation and influence the city of the whole justifies the long and rich history.

Zurich for children

Children will be interesting Zurich Zoo (www.Zoo.CH, one of the best in Europe) with Natural Park Masoala and Indoor Orange Masoalah Rainforest, imitating the natural conditions of the jungle, Museum of toys (Zuerich Toy Museum) with the most interesting collection of all kinds of children’s fun XVIII-XX centuries., And also the largest toy store in Europe Franz Carl Weber on Bahnhofstrasse 62 and the equally famous Pastorini store on Weinplatz 3, which specializes in wooden toys.

Entertainment in Zurich

In Zurich more than 1,800 restaurants, bars, variety and trendy cafes. They offer such a gastronomic diversity, such culinary delights from all over the world, which is difficult to imagine on such a small space. Also here are a lot of bars with live music, jazz clubs, discos, cabaret, private clubs and cinemas.

By itself, the city is surprisingly calm – most nightly institutions are closed early (in winter between 24.00 and 02.00, in summer – up to 4.00), but many cafes and ethnic restaurants on the outskirts and in Netherdorf sometimes work around the clock (especially during the holidays).

However, there is in Zurich and a cereal area. Institutional reputation and platforms for alternative festivals are quarters of Langestrasse.

For walking, jogs and rest in nature, the embankments of the Zurich Lake are excellent, and excursion boats go from the pier.

Cities Switzerland Zurich

Guest card Zurich

Zurich offers its guests a tourist map of the Zürichcard, which gives the opportunity to know the city better and at the same time save significantly. It is produced in two versions – by 24 or 72 hours worth 24 or 48 Swiss francs, respectively (20 euros or 40 euros). You can purchase a map in the tourist infocenter, for example, at the Central Station Zurich.

Zürichcard owners during its term will be able to drive free and unlimited times in the tram, bus, railway and water transport in Zurich and the surrounding area, as well as use the cable car. Also, the card gives the right to enter most of the museums of the city, discounts in a number of shops and restaurants. The Zürichcard can also be found for free to the viewing platform at the airport or buy an excursion "History of the old town" just 50% of the usual cost.

Discounts on the tickets to the owners of the cards provides both the Zurich Opera House, and Nightclubs. A 90-minute trip to Tuk Tuka, accompanied by a guide in the center of the city or a helicopter hour walk and is also provided at a reduced price.

Cities Switzerland Zurich

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