Switzerland City: Winterthur

The peaceful city of Winterthur (WINTERTHUR), lying just 20 minutes away to the northeast of Zurich, can boast the impressive meeting of artistic museums and colorful old buildings.

The industrial revolution of the XIX century contributed literally explosive growth of this once small town. Local architects and engineers in the middle of centuries visited England to study the projects of factories and residential complexes necessary for rapidly developing textile and railway industries Winterthura. From here and such a well-visible British elements of many local quarters and buildings. And at the same time this, the sixth largest city of the country, with a powerful industry and the transport sphere, amazing green. As a result, this unusual combination of classics and high-tech, prestigious villas and cycling tracks, green hills and world-class art galleries attracts thousands of guests here.


Cities Switzerland Winterthur

Winterthur is no wonder called "City of Museums" – Here are a large number of meetings and collections, including those famous as artistic meetings Am R&# 246; Merholz (www.Roemerholz.CH) I Am Stadtgarten (www.Museumoskarreinhart.ch), Kunstmouze (www.KMW.CH), considered one of the best in Europe Museum of photos (www.Fotomuseum.ch), as well as collections Villa Flora and Technoram. And in numerous exhibition and concert halls, all sorts of festivals and submission are constantly held.

Very picturesque also the main city church – St. Lorentz (1264-1865.).

Cities Switzerland Winterthur

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