Switzerland city: Sion

The only more or less large city of Canton is the shaft and its capital, Sion (Sion, the locals call it to the French manner, with pronomes – Sio) lies in the middle of the Rhone.

Sion is a small (27 thousand inhabitants), but a charming city with an exceptionally long history. Archaeological excavations found in its territory of the era of Neolithic. In the early Middle Ages, two rocky hills dominate the fairly flat in these places of the plain were crowned with Valerie and Turbium castles, which apparently served as the source of the city name – in Latin Sedunum means "Place Castle". From here the self-calving of local residents – sedunois. Items of the century This place was famous for the magnificent climate – dry, moderate and very sunny, and the purity of the mountain air here is still one of the most impeccable in Europe. And at the same time, in the summer, this is a very green and warm town, in its climate, very resembling rural areas of Spain – warm and dry mountain winds mix the fragrance of pine needles and vineyards with voices of thousands of Cycad. Therefore, all the neighborhood of Syon enjoy the deserved glory of an excellent albalum spa.

Sights of Sona

Old city Sona is interesting – paved altars with their hotels and semi-mounted mansions of the XVI century will bring to the central Place Place de La Planta, northeast which is small Church of St. Theodula (XVI B.) with excellent interiors. Very nearby towers Cathedral Notre Dam-dm-Glaja (XV-XVII centuries.) with elements of rannerman and gothic styles. His beautiful bell tower contains a watch bell, whose "voice" is an almost accurate copy of the sound of London Big Ben.

Just a hundred meters south of the street Rue SuperSaxo With the mansion of the same name built in 1505 by the local governor of Georg Supersax – the Gothic inner staircase and the hall on the top floor with a magnificent carved ceiling are real masterpieces of that era. And just a couple of minutes walk to the north, on Rue de la Tour, the colorful tower rises Tour de sisser (Tour des Sorciers) – part of the medieval fortifications of Sion.

Cities Switzerland Sion

Rue Des Chateaux Street, how easy it is to guess, leads to the top, to the saddle between two twin castles of the Sion. Hence the right track displays Valerie Castle, or de Valere, with a tiny Schedule Touch-Les-Saints (1310 g.) and massive romance walls at the base of the castle church, which is known for its body (1390 g. – Oldest still operating body in the world). And the left will bring to Castle Turbiown (1294 g.), which was destroyed by fire in 1788 and today is only a ring of external walls.

Events in Sona

Every year in Sona is held international Airshow involving the best pilot groups of the continent.

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