Switzerland City: Sier

Idyllic town Sierre (Sierra, Sierre, Siders) is 14 km from Sion above the Rhone.

Exactly this "Language border" Canton Vale is one of the three official bilingual cities of the country and "The most dust" Popular Switzerland. And in this concept, not only the abundance of light is usually investing (about 7 hours a day, the sun shines here) and a small amount of precipitation, but also the glory of the region of the region – excellent local white dry wines FENDANT and SALGESCH, as well as the red Pinot Noir for a long time and well known for limits of the country. And with all this, Sierra is one of the youngest cities – officially it was founded on the site of the village of the same name in the first third of the 20th century as the center of hydropower and metallurgy – the Aluminum plant Novelis is still the main employer for the residents of Sier and his suburbs of Shippis (Chippis).

Sights Siera

If you turn left from the station by Avenue du marche, then you can go to the old siera quarters. The center is considered picturesque Rue de Villa Next to the vineyard and the Villa district itself with the same name Castle – Now there are a prestigious restaurant, excellent Museum of wine (Valaisan de la Vigne et du vin) and local Local Lore Museum (www.museevalaisanduvin.ch).

From here it begins six kilometer Wine Road Sentier Viticole / Rebweg, passing along the quiet alley of the old quarters of the siera, along the terraces of vineyards and suburban villages and ending in the branch of the museum of wine, which is in the creaky old mansion Zumofenhaus in the heart of the village Salgesh (SALGESCH). Back to Siel, you can return to urban transport or on special buses serving the wine road with a frequency once every 2 hours.

Around Sier

Cities Switzerland Sierie

Most of the guests of the city, especially in the winter, make up the skiers. It is Sier who is the best starting point to the Mountain Resort of Crane Montana.

The longest funicular in Switzerland (4.2 km) stretches from the SMC station (just a couple of minutes walk from the main train station of Sier) to the mountains, passing through very picturesque places.

And in the summer there are only few guests here, so Siery can safely consider the all-season direction.

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