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The city of Schaffhausen in the very north Switzerland (Schaffhausen, 35 km north of Zurich) is the capital of the canton of the same name and is famous for its numerous Late Gothic Style, Baroque and Rococo (35 local buildings are included in the list of Switzerland National Monuments).


Good place to start dating the city – Central Square Fronwagplatz, Former Middle Ages in the Main Market of the whole area. Massive dominated over it Tower of Fronvagurm with astronomical clock (1564 g.) and the facades of late-breasted mansions Errenstube and Tsum-Steinbok (also XVI-XVII centuries.).

Just north if you go past two medieval fountains – Metzgerbrunnene (1524 g.) with the statue of the Swiss mercenary and MORNBRUNENE (1535 g.) With the Moorish king, is located Mansion Tsum-Oshen (VORSTADT, 17) – one of the most ambitious in the city. Latest facade of this former hotel was reconstructed in 1608 and decorated with frescoes with the image of the classic heroes of the Renaissance era. Still north towers as impressive Mansion Tsum-Grosssen-Kafg (VORSTADT, 43) with frescoes depicting a triumphal parade. Tamerlana! How he got here and how the Great Mongol correlates with this city – to explain, it seems, no one can already be able, although there are many legends.

From here you can go to the northern gate Old Town, crowned tower Swabantor (1370 g., Reconstructed in 1933 g.), on a beautiful paved road to climb to the city business card – Fortress Muno (XVI B., www.Munot.ch) or go down to the very center of historic neighborhoods – to M√ľnster Tsu-Allerhailigen Cathedral (1103 g.) (www.MUENSTER-SCHAFFHAUSEN.CH) with a beautifully restored Romanesque tower, nearby Romano-Gothic Benedictine monastery (the largest in Switzerland) with noble Cemetery (Junkernfriedhof) and huge Bell Schiller in the courtyard. In the church of the monastery, there is a good Museum of all saints (This is how the name of the cathedral is translated).

Almost within the city traces of the ancient standings of a person – Paleolithic Schweizersbild cave and neolithic settlements Herblingen and GR&# 252; Thalde, which can also be visited.

Cities Switzerland Schaffhausen

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