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Small Ski Resort Savognin (Savognin, WWW.Savognin.CH) lies 30 km south of Kura, in the heart of the picturesque Valley of Jelja.

Ski holiday in Savonia

The main point of attraction in Savoniane is the extensive mountain range Martenas (PIZ Martegnas, 2670 m) and PIK Cartas (PIZ Cartas, 2713 m), towering south-west of the village lying at an altitude of 1214 meters above sea level. Wide and solar slopes of northeastern orientation make this place extremely popular in snowboarders and carving fans. In addition, in general, a simple nature of local descents and the presence of a first-class Children’s Ski School of Pinocchio define the family character of this center.

In total, Savronina has about 80 km of trails, of which 33 km are defined as "blue", 37 km – as "Red", And another 10 km are intended for freeride and therefore do not have categories. Wide and long descents (3 of them have 11 km length!) Savronina is ideal for carving and skating, and one track has artificial lighting. However, 2 slope – Pro Spinatsch (3 km long) and Crest’ota (7 km) – can be qualified as "Black", But very conditional.

The slopes are serviced by 10 lifts (7 of them are bugly, and 2 work in summer). 2 ski schools and a popular Tijignas Ski Fan Park (NTC-FUNSPORK TIGIGNAS, 1650 m) at the intermediate station of the lifts on Martenyas – all the conditions for snowboarding, a snow bicycle, and an airborrad and so on.

Recently, a young ski area has become recently to the Savronine riding area Bivio (Bivio, 11 km south, almost halfway to Silvaplana) and Albula, Or Albula-Pass, Pass 13 km northeastern Sylvaplans). Yes, and Fabella literally literally near – 10 minutes by car from Albula. Therefore, it is quite possible that all these interesting areas will soon be united in a new ski region. And taking into account the proximity of such famous ski centers as Davos, Samedan, Caretery-wurally and St. Moritz, you can expect the emergence of a huge ski center that is not inferior to the largest resorts in Europe.


The cost of one-day skit-pass in Savoniane in the season is 26 francs for a child and 52 franc for adult, five-day – 112 and 225 francs, respectively.


Cities Switzerland Savonin

Ski season in Savoniane lasts from late November until the end of April.

Entertainment in Savoniane

In the village of Savonin and on the slopes there are 12 restaurants, 6 mountain shelters with cafes, 2 discos and 4 bars, swimming pool, fitness center based on local thermal sources, tennis courts, but in general the possibilities of APR&# 232; S SKI rather modest.

How to get to Savronina

You can get to Savonina from Zurich (190 km) by train through the chickens (chur, about 2-2.5 hours on the road), in which you should transfer to the narrow-chain of the Rholic Railway (RH&# 228; Tischen Bahn) before Tiefenkastel (Tiefencastel, Kasta), where you have to transplane the bus or taxi (the distance to the slopes – about 4 km).

Cities Switzerland Savonin

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