Switzerland cities: Rappersville

37 km southeast Zurich lies the most beautiful coastal town Rapperswil (Rapperswil).

On the lake here are carefully renovated vintage wheeled steamboats, which on the way are visited by the picturesque coastal villages. This town with colorful Altstadt, a pier for yachts and an area of ​​Fischmarktplatz, which offers beautiful panoramas of the lake, surrounded by the wall of Roses by Kapuchin monastery (1597 g., It was he who gave the town a second name – "City rose") and strict castle of the XIII century with a small Polish museum (WWW.Muzeum-Polskie.ORG) undoubtedly deserves visits. Here is a Knie’s Kinderzoo Children’s Zoo with a circus museum, and decorated with excellent frescoes of the Town Hall, and the chapel of Heilig H&# 252; SLI (1485 g.) near the bridge connecting the shores of the lake, and deer, freely walking right under the walls of the castle, and marina ever filled with yachts – it is not surprising that the Swiss themselves call Rappersville "Riviera Zurich Lake".

Cities Switzerland Rappersville

And all on the same old steamers can go to the Lake of Lake Ufenau, where one of the oldest monasteries of the country (VII-XI centuries., Some parts of this tiny complex are dated i-II centuries. N. NS.) with the famous Church of Saints Peter and Paul (1141-1142., Restored at the end of XX in.) and the chapel of St. Martin (VII in.). Over the ancient gravestones, wild vine is winding, sun glare play on the amazing green foliage of trees and a tiny vineyard. Behind the wall of the trees glitters the lake smooth, framed by low mountains. For many years now there is forbidden to swim, breed fires and arrange picnics, so the century of the island is disturbing only the splash waves and the wrapping of dishes in a small tavern separated from the monastery of the vineyard wall. By the way, local wine is considered one of the most famous in the country, although they produce it, naturally, in meager quantities.

And you can cross the lake on the bridge starting right from Marina Rapperswille, and return to Zurich on a bus through Horgen. And you can go back the northern way through the picturesque towns of Pfeffikon or Uster, past the lakes PFFFIKER-ZE and GRAFENZE.

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