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Ski Center Nanda (Nenda, NENDAZ) costs several mansion among the resorts of four valleys. First, it is located on the very northeast of the region, practically at Sion (just 2 km south-west) and easily accessible from any village of Rhone Valley. This location allows you to consider it a gate of an intensively developing young ski area La Printze – Thyon – Veysonnaz – NENDAZ, or SUPER NENDAZ, More than dozens of small mountain centers of the Rhone Valley, PRENTS, DANS-de bath and other. Secondly, nanda does not have "glamor gloss Verbier" and is considered rather a family resort than partition. And thirdly, the local slopes are famous for a lot of diversity – from the wooded tracks of the Mountains of Nanda (2463 m), novels and darkness (Mount L’ester, 2418 m) can be moved to the rocky slopes of mon-jelly (3023 m) or La Tsum ( This is already a zone of Verbier). And this modern resort itself has grown around the center of the delightful old Valis village with its traditional wooden buildings, huge sheds and granaries, and therefore still very picturesque.

In total in the area of ​​La Printze – Thyon – Veysonnaz – NENDAZ has about 223 km of marked trails (77 km "blue", 126 km "Red" and 9 km "Black") with a drop of heights from 1350 to 2730 meters. For the most part, the slopes are not very complicated, although in the area of ​​the peak of Mont-Jelly in excess and serious routes, which in the field of Sivie – novels also have the northeastern exposition and therefore quite good (and hard!) snow cover. Nanda deserved the prestigious Families Welcome award – all the conditions for relaxing families with children have been created here, many short slopes, which are difficult to call the tracks, but they are great for them to make the first ski steps. There are 3 specialized ski schools and one for snowboarders.

The slopes are serviced by 46 lifts (34 bugal), 4 of which are open and in the summer.


Adult subscription on the lift in the Nanda sector is an average of 52 franc per day, children’s – 26 francs, five-day – 247 and 124 franc, respectively. On the entire zone of four valleys (4vall&# 233; ES / MONT FORT) – 319-322 and 62-67 francs, respectively. There is a system of various discounts and benefits with which you can find on the website of the resort WWW.NENDAZ.ch.


Ski season in the ski area Super Nendaz lasts from the beginning of December to mid-April.

Activities in Nanda

In Nanda, 12 km of skiing for Cross Country, 1 Lighted Night Tras, there are 2 fan park, snowpark with Half Pipe, more than 100 km of winter walking routes and 40 km walking on snowshoes, about 250 km Summer tracking trail or bicycle.

The characteristic local attraction is the laying of most winter footprints on the ice of the SUONEN irrigation canal network (total length – 98 km) dugged back in later Middle Ages – hiking on such routes are accompanied by melodic "voice" running under the ice of water.

Yes, and in summer, this region, which is the largest producer of apricots and raspberries in the country, no less picturesque than in winter. Forming a beautiful dance reservoir Grande Dixency Reservoir in the Val d’H&# 233; R&# 233; MENCE, 4 km south-east of Tions) is the highest in the world, since at an altitude of 285 meters lies at an altitude of 2364 meters above sea level (by water cut).

In addition, only 1 km east of Sion, at the town of Saint-Leonar (ST-L&# 233; ONARD), there is a relic underground lake Grottenze, in which from March to November is arranged excursions by boats.

In August between Verbier, Nanda and the village of Grimence (Grimentz, 7 km south of Sier), the famous Grand Raid cycling race is held, which is considered the most difficult in the world – the height difference on the 131 km long route is 4,600 meters!

Entertainment in Nanda

Evening life in Nanda is quite diverse. Open 8 restaurants, 8 bars and cafes, disco, ski shelter with bar, public pool, sauna, massage rooms, and so on. In addition, due to the proximity of the Sion, it is quite possible to live and have fun and outside the resort villages themselves.

Cities Switzerland Nanda

How to get to Nanda

The village of Nanda lies on the sun terrace of the southern shoulder of the Rhone Valley. To get here is the easiest way to train from Geneva (175 km, just over 2.5 hours) or Zurich (about 4.5 hours) with a bus transfer, running between the main resorts in the interval once every 15-20 minutes. Tyon (Thyon) lies only 1.5 km south of Syon, practically over VEYSONNAZ, can also be reached by bus from Sion or Nanda by bus.

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Cities Switzerland Nanda

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