Switzerland city: Lokerbad

The village of Loykerbad is located at an altitude of 1411 meters above sea level and is surrounded by a semir of rocks and mountain peaks of Montan Range, who give it a special charm. But the main trump card is excellent thermal springs whose healing force was discovered by a man long before the new era.

By the way, Loykerbad can be considered one of the most ancient settlements of Canton Vale – already in V-IV centuries. to N. NS. There was a rather extensive settlement at the time, whose inhabitants not only used therapeutic properties of local waters, but also served the GEMI’s pass – at that time one of the few transport arteries through the Alps. The town itself is first mentioned in the annals of 1299 under the name of Boez (Boez), and already in 1315 the first public baths appear here.

Thermal resorts in Loakerbad

Now Loykerbad is a typical Alpine resort, an open year round and recommended for everyone who wants to combine active leisure and wellness treatments. Local sources (about 30) spray daily to 3.9 million liters of mineral water with a temperature of up to + 51 ° C. She is going to 22 thermal pools and a lot of purchased in hotels.

All year round, the famous terms are open Volksheilbad, Burgerbad (1980 G.) and Lindner Alpentherme (1993.), Several thermal pools with water of different temperatures, saunas, massage and cosmetic rooms, as well as multifunctional sports and rehabilitation centers.

Ski holiday in Lokerbad

In winter, two riding zones are distinguished – North Gemmipass (2350 m) with an abundance of short descendments near the village itself and the eastern Torrentalp (Torrent ALP, 2610 m), on which most trails are concentrated. In total, about 66 ski slopes with a total length of about 83 km are laid here (50 km – directly in the Loykerbad zone, 20% "blue", thirty% "Red" and 50% – "Black"). Moreover, the characteristic feature of the local slopes is the location of complex "Black" descends below simpler "blue" – The lightest routes number 2 and №14 are directly from the top station of the FIS lift, where only the bunch come down "Black" №3 and №4, the rest are much lower (almost all of them are certified by FIS). Especially good consistently passing into each other "Black" International-class highways running from the northeast shoulder of Mount Torrent, from Rinderhalden rocks (2650 m).

10 lifts work (including the species funicular to GEMI’s pass and 4 short budgets in the zone of the Loyakerbad itself), and around the shelter Rinderhutte (2313 m, the torrental area) is broken by an extensive zone for freeride and carving, the mountain restaurant is located. At the top "Red" Route №8 Opened Fan Park.

Specialized Children’s Sports Sports Erli with its own skiing area.


Ski season in Loakerbad lasts from the first decade of December to the end of April. Most slopes have a western exposition and excellent snow cover.


The one-day ski subscription will cost an average of 51 adult francs and 31 franc for a child, for five days – 230 and 138 francs, respectively. There is an extensive system of all kinds of discounts and special offers, with which you can find on the website of the resort WWW.LEUKERBAD.ch.

Activities in Lokerbad

Cities Switzerland Loykerbad

Sportarena sports complex, outdoor and closed rollers, indoor tennis court, as well as a wonderful clinic club. The local rock route Via Ferrata – Klettersteig through the Daubenhorn Massif is currently the longest in Switzerland.

More than 60 kilometers of pedestrian trail leading to Kanderstg, Adelboden and Wildstrubel, as well as a beautiful lake Daubenze, are laid around the Loykerbad. It is certainly worth walking towards the canyon, along which the bedding and railings are equipped (the canyon is open to visiting tourists only in the summer).

Loakerbad infrastructure

In total, about 28 hotels and 50 restaurants operate in the resort.

How to get to Loakerbad

You can get to Loyakerbad on the railway from Zurich (270 km, 3.5 hours) through Bern and Tun, or from Geneva (190 km, 3 hours) through Sion and Sierie.

At the railway station, the LUK should be transferred to the LLB line bus, on which it is possible to reach the slopes literally for 10-15 minutes. In addition, in the season (from December 12), 2 additional evening buses are usually operating between the Loyc railway station and the resort. On Fridays and Saturdays, they are sent from the station at 21.30, back from the resort – at 22.05.

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