Switzerland City: Lesten

LEYSIN (Leysin) lies at the bottom of the Grand-o valley, on the small terrace between the southeastern slope of the Tour-d’Aai mountain (2331 m) and Mount Le Flo (1299 m). In essence he is "Capital" The entire ski area of ​​the western part of the Vadois Alps is made conveniently to get both to the L-Diabeler’s tracks or Gshtada, and to the lying little north of Chateau D’or Ruzhmon.

Ski rest in theme

Wide Catania Zone unites 43 km "blue", 15 km "Red" and 2 km "Black" Trails, that, taking into account the area of ​​Leysin – Les Mosses – La L&# 233; Cherette, in which they often combine all ski centers of this part of the valley, gives about 60 km of slopes. Moreover, Lessen occupies the southwest part of this territory and is the most high-altitude resort in the area. The main tracks are laid on the slopes of the neighboring Mountains Zhetieon (Le Bern, 2048 m) and AI (Tours-d’Aai, 2331 m) – on the intermountain brand between them and there is basic riding. Here is located "Red-blue" The Chaux de Mont route with a drop of 300 meters high, along the lower section of which is a fan park and several training trails. On the hollows between the ridges of the mountains of Ai, the Mayen and the Famon are placed several zones of fuses, but due to their complexity and weather impermanence in this place they can only be recommended by experienced skiers. But the upper zone at the Kuklos restaurant and the area around the lake AI are great for beginner skiers, although they have somewhat redundant for such purposes.

Two more longs "blue-red" The descent lead from the main zone of Catania to the Whea himself, Lez-Eser and Brion, through which you can climb on the lift in Le Ferr (1675 m), then go down to Solepraz (Solepraz) and turn out to be thus already in the skating zone of Le Moz ( Le Moss, Les Mosses), True, getting to the latter station itself will have to ski-bass (9-10 minutes in the way).

The slopes are serviced by 16 lifts (5 of them are bucked).


Adult Subscription in Leysin – Les Mosses – La L&# 233; Cherette costs 40-49 francs per day depending on the season, children’s – 26-32 franc, for 6 days – approximately 226 and 146 francs. Thanks to a well-planned public transport system (included in the price of skit-pass), you can continue riding on the slopes of Gstadda, Le Dyabler, Chateau D’, Zanen and Villara. There is a system of various discounts and benefits with which you can find on the website of the resort WWW.leysin.ch.


The ski season in the Lezen lasts from the beginning of December to the first decade of April, but the lower part of the slopes often suffers from the lack of snow.

Active rest in the Lezen

62 km of skiing for cross-country (however, only the upper sections are often open, about 40 km of pedestrian routes, there is a sports and wellness center with a swimming pool, an indoor roller and a first-class hockey box, strokes for curling, squash -Corts and rental points, there are golf courses, riding school, Toboggan Park on 9 specially planted tracks, a snow town with its own ice church and the Ice Bar.

Cities Switzerland Lesten

Entertainment in Lezten

There are several very cozy restaurants in themened. Special attention deserves the Kuklos restaurant, located at the top station of the cabin lift 1L, at an altitude of 2048 meters. This is the only rotating restaurant in the region – at a speed of 1 turnover of 40 minutes, the peripheral external zone of the second floor is moving, where all the tables are located, the inner part with the station is fixed. From here there is an amazing panorama of the Alps, slopes and green valley of the Rhone.

Infrastructure in Lezten

There are several sports stores in the town. Works tourist office Wheel with a large parking lot.

How to get to Lesten

You can get to the glaze by Zurich railway (4 hours) or Geneva (2.5 hours) through Lausanne with a change in Egle (Aigle) – from the last almost every half hour walks the mountain train from two cars (time on the way about 40 minutes) And buses are sent.

Cities Switzerland Lesten

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