Switzerland City: Gruyer

A beautifully preserved old village with a castle raised above it, Gruyer (Gruyerees) lies 22 km north-east of Veve, already in the canton. But its easily accessibility from the shores of the Lake Geneva, allowing you to get here literally for half an hour after resting on the coast, makes it possible to rank it for monuments of Priozers.

Sights Gruyera

Gruyer is one of the most photographic historic villages of Switzerland, which at least no less tourists visits in the summer season than lake resorts. Its main attractions – working dairy (www.Lamaisondugruyeere.CH), in which you can observe the whole process of cooking the cheese of the same name (there is also a restaurant and a store specializing in environmentally friendly local products), the well-preserved famous Castle Gruyer (www.Chateau-Gruyeres.CH) as well Giger Museum, Swiss artist and designer (www.hrgiger.com, it was he who created the entourage and characters to such religious films as "Stranger" or "Poltergeist-2", for which and got "Oscar").

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