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The Flims Mountain Resort (Flims) lies 11 km west of Kura.

In essence, these are two villages – the old mountain village FLMS-Dorf (Flims-Dorf, Flem) in the northeast and young Flims-Waldhaus (Flims-Waldhaus) in 1 km southwest. Most of the hotels are located among forests and Valdhaus groves, while the main ski station is 300 meters above Dorf.

Activities in Flis

Together with neighboring Lax (Laax, 5 km south-west Flims Waldhaus) and a small resort Falera (Falera, 3 km west of Lax) They form an extensive ski region "Alpine Arena" (Alpenarena, Flims-Laax-Falera, www.Laax.COM), or "White Arena" (Weisse Arena Gruppe), considered one of the largest in the area (more than 100 kV. km) in the country.

FLMS offers a large network of pedestrian routes, tracks for plain skis and bordercross, as well as numerous high-level hotels. In the summer, this is one of the recognized centers of hiking and equestrian tourism – the Flemser Grosvald region is one of the most wooded in Graubyunden, and numerous lakes in combination with the mountains form beautiful panoramas.

Flims infrastructure

Cities Switzerland Flims

In Flims, you can find a wide variety of shops, restaurants (about 70), and a mountain café in the field of riding about five dozen), hotels (34), bars, nightclubs, tennis and squash courts, tira, there is your kart club, rollers , numerous ski schools and equipment rental points (including 5 NTC networks), and at the Park Hotel Waldhaus accommodated the largest Museum of hotel business in Switzerland (open from Friday to Sunday from 16.00 to 18.00 or on special order).

How to get to Flims

Flix – Faler skating area is 145 km southeast Zurich, from which for 2.5 hours you can drive to Ilanz Railway Station (Ilanz, also known as Lion), then on the autotrass to Laksa is only 4 km away, and Flems – 7 km. You can reach the train to Kura (Chur, just over 2 hours from Zurich), from which to Flims 21 km along a good freeware, and Lax – 33 km away, while the road passes through very picturesque places. All local transport in the presence of a guest card free.

Cities Switzerland Flims

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