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The unique microclimate of the region, the purest mountain air and the abundance of sunlight at any time of the year they attracted here the first holidays in the middle of the XIX century. Since 1900, Davos becomes a recognized center of treatment of tuberculosis, already in 1910, a separate railway line was laid here, and long before the ski boom of the late XX century, the resort had already taken more than 700 thousand visitors per year! Robert Louis Stevenson finished his "Treasure Island", Arthur Conan Doyle lived here for several years and is still considered the primary ski capacity of the region, and Thomas Mann wrote his "Magic Mountain" It is under the impression of visiting these places. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a well-deserved glory made it possible to turn Davos with time not only to the most popular minelocklimatic resort, but also to the famous ski region and one of the most popular conference centers of the planet, where the World Economic Forum is held every year.

Ski holiday in Davos

Davos is divided into two parts – Southwest Davos-Platz (Davos Platz) and Northeast Davos-Dorf (Davos Dorf). Almost all lifts start from a Davos Place, but skating is possible from the entire perimeter of the mountain circus surrounding the town. Select six separate areas of skiing. In the southeast, an array of Yatshorn Mountains (2681 m) and Jacobshorn (Jakobshorn, 2590 m), from which the routes of Western and North-Western orientation run right in Davos. It is here that most focused "blue" and "Red" Descents area.

South south, behind the valley of the grainbakh, the slopes of the massif Rinerhorn begins (Rinerhorn, 2528 m). From here you can ride both in Davos-Dorf and in the lying slightly south of the villages of Spina and Hephydia. The slopes here also have the northwestern exposition and rather snowy, therefore, rinnerhorn, focused on family recreation and fissure riding.

On the other side of the valley, the north-west of Davos, the peak of Kyupfenflu rises (2658 m), with the side spurs of which the fan of the descents of the southeastern and northern exposition escapes, combined into the Parsenn-Gosenn – Gotzchna zone (Parsenn-Gotschna) – the largest in the resort. Here, every Saturday opened tracks for night skiing. A little south of the new ski area of ​​Shatzalp – Strenel (Schatzalp-Strela) is developing intensively, specially designed slightly less complicated than the rest, with the slopes of the South and Southeast Exposure

In a kilometer, northeastern Davos, on the southern slopes of Pishahorn Mountain (Pischa, 2979 m), lies with a relatively isolated zone of riding the valley of the fluulars, or Pisha. Several almost parallel "blue-red" The tracks lead here from the ridge of a tract of Mysböden to the villages of Derfia (Dorfji), Hephy and Enggi. This is the main zone of Friend in the area – three slopes are specially highlighted for this type of rest, tested, but not prepared as ordinary tracks. Get here Best of all by bus number 1 from Davos-Dorf.

In total, there are 110 labeled mountain slopes with a total length of 318 km, serviced by 61 lifts (of which 55 of the perimeter of Davos himself). Approximately half of the descents refers to the category "Red", About three – "blue", rest – "Black". The longest route reaches 12 km (Weissfluhgipel – K&# 252; BLIS) – this is the zone of Closters, although the start comes from the Parzen zone. And taking into account the fact that 80% of the slopes lie at the heights of more than 2000 meters, doubt the snow here does not have to.


The cost of a one-day skit-pass season is 27-48 francs for a child and 68 francs for adult, six-day – 126-221 and 315 francs, respectively (a photo is needed). A whole system of discounts and special offers is available, for each riding zone you can use the local subscription, usually slightly cheaper than for the entire ride zone (only for Jacobshorn, for example, a six-day ski passage will cost 120-209 francs for a child and 299 adult francs ).


Skiing season in Davos lasts from the end of November (Jacobshorn) – mid-December (Pisha, Rinnerkhorn) until the end of April.

Activities in Davos

In addition to the mountain ski, in Davos, all other activities of both winter and summer. Fun Mountain Fan Park on Jacobshorn specially designed for snowboarders. There are tracks for fans of sunny sports (the first opened as much as in 1883!), 3 descents for Toboggan total length more than 10.3 km, more than 60 km of running skiing, including Certified FIS Standard Racing Racing Valley Fluela (FL&# 252; ELA, the upper part of the valley of the fluulars) and as many routes for cross country. The modern sports center with an Ice Stadium Vaillant Arena, rinks (on the ice of the frozen lake is located the largest in Europe Open skating SEEHOFSEELI), hockey box and curling club. Special routes for dogs on dog sledding, airborid and trekking are laid.

School riding school, tennis and squash courts, several pools and specialized children’s sports and gaming zones, among which Child’s Land Pischa ski parks, Dwarfs ‘Trail and Witches’ Woods Rinerhorn, children’s ski school at the oldest Bolgen lift (Davos-Platz ), Ski kindergarten Snowgarden Bunda and Top Secret Snowsports Ski School (Davos-Dorf), as well as a special children’s skiing area Wiesen from the School of the same name in the town itself.

Cities Switzerland Davos

Infrastructure Davos

Evening life of Davos is very diverse – more than 100 restaurants, no less than the number of bars, several cinema halls, discos, nightclubs and so on. V Center for Davos Congres Concerts and theatrical performances plus all sorts of business events regularly. A Museum of Ernst Kirchner (www.Kirchnermuseum.CH) demonstrates an extensive meeting of the works of this prominent German expressionist.

Summer holiday in Davos

In summer, the possibilities for tourism around Davos are no poorer than in winter. Special program DAVOS INCLUSIVE Provides free movement on all types of local transport (Guest Card is required for trains, which usually enters the package of offers of all hotels in the region). In addition to recreation on the shore of Lake Davoser (Davosersee) or golf games on the Davos City Executive Golf Course fields (18 holes), you can climb Vaisflujuch peak (2693 m, 3-4 hours on foot or Parsennbahn rollet), make a hiking in beautiful valleys In Closters (4 hours) or Arozu (6 hours), more serious ascent to the mountain of Kazanna (2557 m), from where you can go down to the same Closters (3 hours), visit the Alpinum Botanical Garden (from mid-May until mid-October is open daily from nine.00 to 17.00, 5 francs), ride a bike or horses for more than 50 km of specially laid tracks or just take a walk in the mountains – everything is about 700 km trail and routes at the most beautiful places. It should not be forgotten that the nearby (mouth of 7 km south of Davos) Albula Valley and the Berninsky Branch of the Republican Railway (Rhaetian Railway) in 2008 for its natural beauty were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Urban transport in Davos

VBD city buses are free with Guest Card and stop in all interesting places in Davos, ending routes in Wolfgang (Wolfgang), Glasce (Glaris) and at the bottom station of Pischa regions (Pischa).

How to get to Davos

You can get to Davos from Zurich (190 km) by train RHB through the chur (Chur) or Landquart (Landquart) – time on the way 2 hours 20 minutes without taking into account the transplant time. The resort also serves as an intermediate point of the famous Panoramic train Glacier Express (St. Moritz – Davos – Zermatt).

Cities Switzerland Davos

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