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Famous Ski Resort Chateau D’E (CH&# 226; Teau-D ‘&# 338; X, Chateau-d’Oex) is located on the southeast of the canton in.

The wide valley of the Sarin River here is framed by slopes of several mountain ranges – la-flyer (1561 m) in the northeast, Le Ryublbles (2284 m) in the south-east, La Duv (2003 m) in the south, Korzhon (1966 m ) in the West and Pra de Cre (2197 m) in the north. It creates excellent conditions in Chateau D’E, and at any time of the year.

Local slopes are associated with Ruzhmon and Guns, therefore you can find the conditions for skiing for every taste. But "Raisinka" This resort is a special microclimate, which is not only healthy, but also forms stable ascending air flows, which makes Chateau d’E ideal for exercising aeronautics, planyrism and all kinds of parachute sports. When Bertrand Picar and Brian Jones in 1999 made their record round-in air balloon (45 thousand kilometers!), starting point for them was Shato-d’. Well, the number of all sorts of festivals and competitions held here in these disciplines is just great enough, just call only International week flights on balloons (afternoon of January) and World Balloon Festival, in which a huge number of athletes from different countries of the world participate.

Chateau-d’me wears the honorary status of the country’s chief family resort. Chief His "trump" – Very convenient location at the junction of two valleys and three transport highways, so this village is perfect for relatively economical accommodation with riding the best tracks of the region.

Ski holiday in Chateau d’

In the ski area Chateau d’OEX – Rougemont – Rossiniare – L’Etivaz – La Lecherette There are about 40 descents with altitudes from 985 to 1620 meters (Peak La Braye, 1630 m). Midi Midi (2096 m) of the mountains (2096 m) slopes have most of the northern exposition, so there are no special problems with snow. However, in the valley Torner, in which the tracks of the region L’Etivaz (L’Etivaz) run, a lot of descents of Western, East and South orientation.

Together with the tracks of the nearby Gstaad (GSTAAD, through the VidemaNette branch directly connected to the rug), the Chateau-d’region may offer about 250 km of slopes of all levels – and this is not counting the famous Glacier 3000, to whom the village is literally 25 minutes by bus. So often this resort consider "Sector number 3" The famous ski area of ​​Lesten – Gstad – Le Diabeler, although it is noticeably different from the smaller slopes heights.

Shato D’ED highways for the most part "Red" (42%) and "Black" (46%), only the side ligament in the M4 and M5 lifts can be attributed to "blue", yes under freeride highlighted the lower part of the slopes "Chains" M6 over the village le-grunge. The slopes are serviced by 8 lifts, though the M8 Bougiel is located in the valley and highlighted for the children’s area of ​​skiing.


Skiing season in the field of Chateau d’it lasts from the first decade of December to the end of March.


Adult subscription to the lifts in the GSTAAD Mountain Rides sector (including St Stephan, Zweisimmen, Lauenen, Gsteig, Saanen and Chateau d’OEX) is an average of 62 franc per day for an adult and 31 franc – for a child, five-day – 280 and 140 francs, respectively. Within Shato-d’, there is a local ski pass (one-day – 21 franc for a child and 42 franc for an adult), as well as a whole system of various discounts and benefits with which you can find on the spa website (WWW.chateau-doex.ch).

Cities Switzerland Chateau-D E

Activities in Chateau d’

There are 3 launches, outdoor skating rink, excellent Highlandpark Fan Park on La Braye, bowling club and many other sports facilities. High Plateau La Lecherette La Lecherette (La Lecherette) I love skiers and fans of cross-country – about 35 km of specialized trails are laid here. And east begins the protected forests around La Pierreuse (La Pierreuse), perfectly suitable for walks on snowshoes, cycling trips (in 1997, the World Dowllo Championship) was held here or dog sledding. And in the summer, these edges attract thousands of fans of water extreme – the gorge of the Sarin River from Zhrinho (Gerignoz, 1 km east of Chateau-d’) is considered one of the most beautiful in the country.

Entertainment and attractions in Chateau d’

9 Restaurants, 4 Tea, Guesthouse Le Berceau and 5 Mountain Cafes and Snathers. In the chateau d’, open Espace Ballon Airpace Museum, Museum of Museum Musee du Vieux Pays-d’enhaut and several specialized cheesemen – the village is famous for its cheese "Ethiva" (ETIVAZ). Also interesting colorful "house with 113 windows" Le Grand Chalet (1754 G.) In the village of Rossinier (Rossiniere, 1.3 km west).

How to get to Chateau d’

You can get to Chateau D’by the Zurich railway (about 4 hours through Berne) or Geneva (2.5 hours) with a transfer to Büule or Egla to a local narrow scene or bus – time in the way just over an hour. A similar way from Geneva through Lausanne will take no more than 1.5 hours.

Cities Switzerland Chateau-D E

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