Switzerland City: Bill / Bien

In the central part of the Jurassic mountains, on the territory of Canton Bern, there is another painter city – Biel (Biel, Bienne).

Biel The only officially bilingual city of Switzerland – all the streets, road signs, documents, public transport stops and public information here are also presented in German, and in French. Yes, and the city itself is often named Biel Bien (since 2005, he is officially called Biel / Bienne), and the locals easily order in German breakfast on German and, on the contrary, read German newspapers. In essence, he lies on the notorious "Roschtigraben" (R&# 246; Stigraben, the conversational name of the border between the German-speaking and French-speaking parts of the country, one of the symbols of cultural contradictions between different parts of Switzerland), and therefore even cultivates its "Bilingualism", turning it into a kind of visiting card and tourist slogan.

Attractions Bilya

Biel is a living and modern city, whose old district, a few small museums and walks on the Lake Bieler-Ze and the River Ara (AAR) attract here thousands of tourists.

From the station on the main commercial streets of the city – Bahnhofstrasse / Rue De La Gare and further in Nidaugasse / Rue de Nidau can be climbed to paved quarters Old Town (Altstadt). Then, by the bending to the north, BurgGasse pass past the old Tsoyughaus (Arsenal, now rebuilt into the city theater) to an impressive complex Town Hall (1676 G., now there is a police headquarters here) with its pointed spire and then go out to open Burgplatz / Place de Bourg Square With fountain of justice (1714 g.) near Castle. You can then continue the rise in the side of the picturesque Quarter Ring, being the core of the old city. And then go to the east along Arcade Obergasse / Rue Haute and then go back on Untergasse / Rue Basse – Thus, literally in half an hour you can see all the most colorful buildings of the city.

Also worth paying attention to the Gothic Saint-Jelva Church (1451 G.), Wells vennerbrunnen (1401 g.), Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (1535 g.) and Engelsbrunnen (1563 g.), Clock tower, visit Theater Bill-Gollard (the smallest in the country, besides, this is the only bilingual theater of Switzerland), not bad Archaeological Museum Schwab, Museum of Mechanical Engineering Muller, Museum of Culture and Economics Noyhauses, City Center of Contemporary Art CentRepaSquart In the suburb du Lac, 71), excellent Optical Museum and one of the best in the country Museums watch, owned by Omega.

Cities Switzerland Biel Bien

Bill is generally considered one of the centers of the Swiss watchmaking – here are the headquarters of the Swiss Federation of the Watch Industry, as well as headquarters and enterprises of such well-known manufacturers, as the Swatch Group (the famous Omega enters this corporation), Rolex and Glycine.

In addition, this is one and "The most sporty" Countries of the country – more than all sorts of clubs here are registered more than fifty, and there are no less competitions – for example, a popular Bielsk night ultramaraphon (100 km) and a chess festival collect every year thousands of participants.

Around Bilya

Lake Bieler-Ze is connected by the Channel with lakes Neuncer and Murtenze, so you can go to a long (on average 3-4 hours one way) Cruise on the ship in all these picturesque reservoirs with a visit to the St. Peter Peninsula (ST. Petersinsel), cities Neuchatel (Neuchatel), Estavayer, Iverdon (Yverdon) and Murten (Murten), as well as numerous coastal villages. It is also possible to take a tour of the Peace River Ara (AAR) to Zoloturn (SOLOTHURN, 2 hours 40 minutes in both ends). However, most such trips are possible only in the summer season (June – September).

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