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Basel (Basel, B&# 226; Le, Basilea) – the third largest city of Switzerland, is located in the very north, in the place where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland converge. Lying on both sides of the Rhine city by virtue of its special position is allocated in a separate halfdant Basel Stadt (Basel-Stadt).

The city was founded by the Romans in 44 BC. NS. At the site of the Celtic settlement, and in written sources "Fort Bazilia" Mentioned already in 374. In the VII century, he becomes the center of the bishopath, in the XIII century the first bridge through the Rhine is built here, and the city quickly blooms as a major trading and transport center. In 1459, the University is based on (the first on the territory of modern Switzerland), and in 1622 – the University Library (still – the largest in the country).

Today a large number of large shopping centers, offices and banks, transport organizations are concentrated in Basel (local river port is essentially the only yield of Switzerland to the sea), educational and educational centers. And at the same time, here you can find the first national musical theater, many art galleries, bukinistic stores, a huge number of bars and zucchini. A "habit" County shopping shopping in France, relax in Germany, and live in Switzerland has long been an object of endless stories and jokes. In general, Basel now has a reputation as the richest and most conservative city of Switzerland than the locals are very proud of.

Attractions Basel

Center of the Old Basel – Barfusserplatz Square, To this day, striking paints and abundance of goods sold. Here is one of the symbols of the city – beautiful Town Hall (1507-1513.) With a bright red painted brick facade, a gold-plated bell tower, the roof of the glazed tiles and the Statue of Minocius Planck. In the building of the former Franciscan Church Barfustenkirhe (XIV B.) Currently open Historical Museum (www.Historischesmuseumbasel.CH), famous for his assembly of tapestries and an extensive local lore collection.

On the nearby area of ​​Fischmarkt rises the most beautiful Basel Fountain, Decorated by the statue of Our Lady (1390 g.). South begins Mittlere Brucke Bridge – Modern construction on the spot built in 1226 by the bridge, for many centuries served as the only transitional point through Rhine between the Lake Bodensky and the Northern Sea. On the facade Buildings Schifflande, leaving the bridge, you can detect a small bust of a bearded person. It is Lallekeenig ("King language"), the original of which decorated the gate of the bridge from the middle of the XVII century, welcoming all arriving in the city until the destruction of the gate itself in 1839. This original object had an hourly mechanism (now he is stored in the historical museum) and could rotate through his eyes and even lick (according to legend he "Greetings" not ingenic guests, and residents of Klinbazel quarters, with which the inhabitants of Grossbasel had eternal competition). Now the bust is statical, but serves as a live reminder of those times when the city clearly shared "French" and "German" Parts.

Basel symbol – Cathedral of the Munster Cathedral (1019 g.) with two spiers, gallery and colonnade surrounded by huge chestnuts. The Tower of St. George to the left of the main facade has several sections of white masonry, preserved from the first church (consecrated in 1019 g.), as well as the statue of Saint (XIII in.), affecting the dragon. Internal interiors are also very majestic, and the department of the preacher was completely carved from a solid block of stone in 1486. From the south to the cathedral, the territory of the old monastery with a very picturesque cemetery, which is quite independent and very atmospheric attractions of the city.

PFALZ Square in front of beautiful temple forged gates is lined with a parallery, and in the courtyard there is a powerful visual tube, with which you can admire the beautiful panorama of the city and towering on the horizon of the Blacks of the Black Forest. Another landmark of Basel – Gate Tsventor (1400 g.) from red sandstone to which two round gear towers are adjacent on both sides. In general, old fortress structures have been preserved pretty badly, but a number of old gates and towers (Saint-Olban, Saint-Johan, Letzhtines, Highland and others) reached the present day. And in almost every quarter of the ancient part of Basel, you can find an old church (only about three dozen on the whole city), there are also medieval Dominican Monastery Clinkental and even synagogue (1867 g.) that for this part of the country – an infrequent phenomenon.

You can visit the excavations of the Gallo Roman settlement on the territory of Gasfabrik, German Necropolis in the Gotterbarmweg and Kleinh&# 252; Ninen, as well as inspect Rannessee buildings at the beginning of SchneiderGasse Street. Well, of course, it is worth reserving the time to visit the famous Basel theater or any other musical or sports field of the city, which is not for nothing that is considered one of the cultural capitals of Europe.

Museums Basel

In the city, more than 20 museums gathered the best samples of medieval and contemporary art. World famous Kunstmuseum (www.Kunstmuseumbasel.CH) placed in a complex of a strict neoclassical building and has an excellent collection of art objects of the XV-XX centuries. Museum of an outstanding Swiss artist-modernist Jean Tangley (www.Tinguely.CH) takes the building developed by the famous Swiss architect Mario Bott, which in itself is a work of art.

Basel Museum of Fine Arts relatively small, but has worldwide fame due to the largest collection of works by the Golbain family. Also unique "Amerbahovsky Cabinet" – Collection of painting of the famous Basel Collector Basilius Amerbach. Department of Painting "Old masters" and the assembly of impressionism and modernity also stand at the level of the best European meetings. But the Baselians themselves say that if you choose only one of the many museums of the city, which is necessary to visit, then it should be Gallery Fondation Beyeler (www.Beyeler.COM) in the elegant building of Renzo Piano. This is a small, but exceptionally high-quality collection of the best works of many famous artists of the XX century

Interesting is also original Museum of paper and book publishing (www.Papiermuseum.CH) in a medieval mill, Museum of Puppenhausmuseum dolls With his unique collection of Teddy bears (the largest in Europe!) and old folk toys, open Augusta Raurica Roman Museum, Museum "House in the Vishnevian Garden" (Kirschgartenmuseum), Museum of Antiques and Collection of Ludwig, Museum of the Music Academy (www.Musakabas.ch), Museum of fire protection, Swiss Jewish Museum, Car Collection Monteverdi, Museum of caricature and animation other.

Many will like the beautiful zoo and Botanical Garden University – one of the oldest in the world.

Cities Switzerland Basel

Tourist map Basel

Large help when resting in the city may be "Guest card" Baselcard. Owners of such a document can count on free guided tours, discounts on entrance tickets to many museums, free entrance to the city zoo, discounts in restaurants, wellness institutions and other institutions. In addition, Baselcard provides an opportunity to use ferry for free and pay for river cruises for preferential rates. "Map Guest Basel" Can be purchased at Basel Tourism tourist information offices, in the city casino on Barf Square&# 252; Sserplatz, at the main SBB station and in some hotels. Card, valid 24 hours, costs only 20 Swiss francs (just over 16 euros) for adults and 10 francs (about 9 euros) for children from 6 to 16 years. There are also options for a period of 48 and 72 hours.

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