Switzerland cities: Baden

20 km from Zurich below Limmata lies a pleasant and relaxing resort town Baden (Baden).

Baden’s fame brought thermal springs, spewing every day to a million liters of hot (up to + 47 ° C) of water rising to the surface with three kilometer depth.

Sights of Baden

Baden city is divided into two parts – in the center there is a picturesque railway station, south of him extends historical Center Altstadt with dilapidated Castle Stein on a hill. And north of the station, in the bend of the lymmat course, and is located directly resort area connected to the old part of the main street Baderstrasse. There are 19 sources here, getting to them from the historic core of the city you can walk literally in 10 minutes.

You can also visit Museum of the Langmatt Foundation (www.Langmatt.CH) with a small but excellent collection of French impressionists. Foundation Mansion itself (1900-1905.) Lies surrounded by magnificent own gardens.

Can be climbed to ruins Castle Stein (XI-XVIII centuries.) and Chapel of St. Nicholas (XIV-XVIII centuries.) Near him, visit Tower Stadurm (XV-XVII centuries.), small LandfogTashloss Castle (XV-XVIII centuries., Now there are posted historical Museum and urban archive) or modest at first glance Town Hall (XIIV-XVIII centuries.) with a clock (1599 g.) and a whole scattering of old buildings around, inspect Chapel of St. Sebastian (1509 g.), walk along the wooden Bridge Holzbr&# 252; CKE (1810 g.), relax Fountain L&# 246; Wenbrunnen (1822 G.) Before local Church of Ascension Stadtpfarrkirche Maria Himmelfahrt, 1457-1460.) or spend a couple of hours in Museum of toy bears (www.Teddybaermuseum.CH), having already occupy a few floors of an old mansion.

Multiple theaters and a large music scene are constantly opened in the city, which hosts the Musical Space Dream festival and the Badenfahrt Folk Festival, as well as numerous water sports and hiking centers.

Bathing in Baden

Public bathing (www.ThermalBaden.CH, input 16 francs) with local sulfur mineral water are on a picturesque small Kurplatz square, surrounded from all sides with old hotels (in each of them, as it is easy to guess, there is own thermal center).

Cities Switzerland Baden

There is also a drinking fountain outside Square, the Institute of Beauty Babur, as well as many private clinics, massage salons and other medical centers. Most of them are open from Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 21.00, on Saturdays and Sundays – from 7.30 to 20.00.

Around Baden

Depend the attention of the lying near Baden Lenzburg Castle (IX B. – Oldest in the country) with Historic Museum Canton Argau, complex Cynigsfelden abbey (XVI B.) with unique Gothic windows, Cistercian Abbey Santingen (XIII-XVII centuries., the largest set of this order in the country) with magnificent stained glass windows, as well as Museum of the Roman Fort Windoniss in Brugg (Brugg, 7 km north-west of Baden).

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