Switzerland City: Appenzell

The capital of the district and half-kontone Appenzell-innerroden – the town of Appenzell (Appenzell) is famous for its original ornamented houses.

Attractions of Appenzella

Interestingly, the main street of the city is Hauptgasse, running from the bridge to the LandsgemeIndeplatz wide area, – free from motor vehicles. Here you can enjoy the view of the delightful and fancy painted old wooden buildings, especially Pharmacy Lowen Drogerie (Hauptgasse, 20) with its rows of small medieval windows.

During the XIX century, thousands of embroiderers of Appenzell worked at home for textile factories of nearby St. Gallen – from here and an abundance of characteristic "Studios" on the upper floors of local buildings. Manual embroidery flourished here until the middle of the 20th century, so local professionals and their works are still valued very high. Many of their products can be seen in Museum of Appenzella (www.Museum.AI.CH), occupying six top floors of the old town hall.

You can visit and ruins Castle On one of the hills near the city, but it is very destroyed and is of interest, perhaps, only as an excellent species platform.

Reviews and studies of trips

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Cities Switzerland Appenzell

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Cities Switzerland Appenzell

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