City of Switzerland: Andermatt

The famous Andermatt ski center (Andermatt) lies in the canton of Uri, almost the northern mouth of the valley leading from Saint Gotard Pass.

His main trumps are excellent transport links with all regions of the country and Europe (the village lies at the intersection of several automotive and railway tracks at once) in combination with an interesting relief. Several mountain ranges are towering around the resort – Gems-Shklkk (2961 m) in the south, Rosboden-Shlokk (2835 m) in the east, Stolekley (2489 m) in the northeast and Spitsberg (2934 m, as well as the side peak of Muterliskhorn mountain peak, 3058 m) in northwest. As a result, a huge variety of conditions for recreation is formed, especially given the numerous, albeit small, glaciers, as well as beautiful lakes and picturesque valleys.

Ski rest

Region of Catania consists of four parts: GemsStock (Gemsstock), Winterhorn (Winterhorn, 2460 m) and Realp (Realp, 1536 m), as well as North-East Area, Gucch (Netschen – Gutsch, 3244 – 1842 m), which is often added and lying in the East, for the passage Oberalppa, the young Kalmut – Val skating area, or just Obaralpas, as well as the adjacent areas of Hospental, Göschenen, Wassen and Gurtnellen.

In total, about 23 labeled tracks with a total length of 125 km are laid here (50 km "blue", 42 km "Red" and 33 km "Black"). A characteristic feature of the local slopes is the alternation of long and relatively narrow tracks of the upper sections with very wide "Polyasov" lower slopes, as well as their northern orientation (only the area of ​​nonsense – gauch is oriented to the southwest), which allows you to save good snow cover at any time of the season. In general, the lowest descents (maximum – 4 km), and the height difference is small (up to 800 m), but interesting and diverse relief significantly increases their attractiveness. In addition, here are the widest opportunities for freeride – almost all mountain ranges around Andermatta are perfectly suitable for this type of rest, but Guryshgrah (Gurschen, 2260 m) and Winterhorn (Winterhorn, 2660 m) are especially popular.

The slopes are serviced by 13 lifts (6 buckel) plus 6 more in the Oberalp zone. There is a fan park with two Half Pipes (one of them is considered the most highly mountainous in the country – 2015 meters above sea level), a border crosses area, a sledge track (height difference – 398 m), about 28 km of hike trails on snowshoes and approximately As many plain skiing, rink, indoor swimming pool, more than 70 km of pedestrian routes (35 km – winter), school climbers and ice climbs. Equipment rental, several ski school and snowboard schools, as well as training Avalanche Training Center on Hems-Shtokke.

In 2015-2016, Andermatt and Zedrun, together with the Oberalp pass, will be merged into the largest Swiss Skania zone. The project includes the construction of five new lifts and replace the eight existing, so the total number of their number will increase to 24. After the opening of the join zone, the undermatt is reprocessed under the year-round leisure place: there will be a golf course with 18 holes, a swimming pool and a hall for practicing various sports.


In the evening you can visit 2 restaurants, 4 cafes and bars, 2 discos, a dozen stores, on the tracks there are 4 mountain shelters with a cafe. In addition, there are almost three dozen more beautiful mountain lakes around the resort, beautifully suitable in summer, and hiking to Saint-Gothard Pass are popular at any time of the year.


The cost of the Single Ski-pass region of Sportregion Andermatt Gotthard on 1 day is 28 francs for children and 56 francs for adult, five-day – 113 and 225 francs, respectively. You can use the GOBA subscription, which unites Andermatta’s skating zone with the regions of Dizentis – Zedrun – Oberalp and Saint-Gotard. Rates for him in general comparable to the local subscription. There is a whole system of all kinds of discounts and special offers (


Skiing season in Andermatte lasts from early December to the end of April.

How to get

Cities Switzerland Andermatt

The resort is located in Central Switzerland and get to it from any international airport literally in a couple of hours by train. From Zurich – through Altdorf or chickens, from Geneva and Brig – through Glis and Realp, from Bellinzone – through Ayrolu and so on. Nearest International Airport – Zurich (140 km), the road will take less than two hours.

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Cities Switzerland Andermatt

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