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The famous ski center Adelboden (Adelboden) lies in the south of Bern Highlands, in the upper reaches of the picturesque valley of Enstliga.

Adelboden is relatively low (1270 m), but is surrounded by several mountain ranges at once – Fitzer (2458 m) in the south, Gros-Lower (3003 m) in the East and Tarberg (2708 m) in the North-West. This is a great place for family holidays – despite the abundance of sports trails, here the widest opportunities for recreation and entertainment with children, and relatively small height and the steepness of the slopes will facilitate skating and for beginners. And at the same time Adelboden himself is famous for its idyllic atmosphere with colorful wooden chalets and a decisive life.

Ski holiday in Adelboden

The resort is considered the center of the extensive area of ​​skiing Adelboden – Frutgen – Lenk (Adelboden-frutigen-lenk), combining about 210 km of slopes, and these are only labeled tracks. By the way, due to the vastness of the region and its stretching, confusion constantly arises with the designation of riding areas and individual resorts – then it includes a somewhat east of the Kandersteg mountain resort (Kandersteg), then they exclude Lenk, then the Frutigen is distinguished into a separate zone. In any case, this is one of the most extensive and diverse ski regions of the country providing the widest opportunities for recreation.

The ski zone lies at altitudes from 1053 to 2400 meters, combining 78 slots of all levels of complexity (92 km "blue", 96 km "Red" and 22 km "Black"). Moreover, almost 40% of local slopes can be recommended for beginners, since most of them are relatively common and have a simple relief. In general, the tracks are not very long, only well-known LAVEY – AEBI – OEY stretches for 6.5 km, and as popular Piste Blau – 5 km. The famous descent of Kyunisbergly (Chuenisb&# 228; RGLI, 1739 m), Certified FIS for the Stages of the World Cup on Sllyom and Slot Giant, and he does not exceed 2 km long when the heights drop is about 400 meters. And even great "Black and red" Descents from the Wilderstrubel, 3243 m (Wildstrubel, 3243 m), already related to the area of ​​Lenka’s riding, but available from adelbodine, and they rarely exceed the length of 3 km – however, the slope is already much more serious.

Adelbode slopes are serviced by 66 lifts (of which 49 bugly). Open 3 Snowpark, including one of the best Gran Masta Park (GMP, Hahnenmoos Catania region), 3 lanes total length about 15 km (2.5 km lit), special tracks for carving and bordercross, 2 Lighted ski slopes , about 35 km of flat skiing and 8 km – for cross-country (at altitudes of more than 2000 m), 30 km of routes for Skiturring, 112 km of winter pedestrian routes plus more about 130 – Summer. A children’s ski school and 6 specialized children’s skiing zones work (each with its lift), 3 ski schools for adults, winter amusement park for children.


Skiing season in the field of Adelboden – Frutgen – Lenk lasts from the second decade of November to May, on the glaciers of Wildlrubel, skating is possible almost 7 months a year.


The cost of a one-day ski pass in the Adelboden-Frutigen-Lenk zone is 32 franc for children and 59 francs for adults, five-day – 129 and 239 francs, respectively. There is an extensive system of various discounts and benefits with which you can find on the website of the resort WWW.Adelboden.ch.

Entertainment in Adelboden

After the ski, you can visit several rinks in Adelboden, the indoor swimming pool in Frutigen (15 km north of Adelboden), the Kerling Center in the Freizeit- Und Sportarena Adelboden complex, the equestrian club (Frutigen), School of Rockwall, Fitness Center, Multiple Courts, Cinema, greenhouse Tropical Greenhouse Frutigen, Cultural Center OLD Tavern, and even spend the night in the needle (every year new ice complexes are built in a wide variety of areas of the resort).

Cities Switzerland Adelboden

Summer holiday in Adelboden

In the summer (June 11 – September 4) there is also a well-known outdoor pool Panorama Swimming Pool Gruebody / Adelboden (input ticket – 7 euro) at the Alpine Wellness Oasis.

Water resorts in Adelboden

In 2005, Alpine Wellness International GmbH has awarded Adelboden Title Best Wellness Center in Switzerland. In addition, there are several sources of therapeutic mineral water around the resort (by the way, they are among the most highly mountainous in Europe), which have long earned a reputation of some of the best on the continent, and water from them under the brand name Die Mineralquelle Adelboden is sold across the country and is used in local health resorts.

How to get to Adelboden

You can get to Adelbodena by rail from Zurich (about 2 hours) through Bern with a change in Frutgen by bus or taxi.

Cities Switzerland Adelboden

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