Sweden City: Gothenburg

Gothenburg, located on the west coast of the country, is the second largest city in Sweden and the most important port of the country. The city is famous for its clean beaches, beautiful landscapes with numerous forests and lakes, as well as a picturesque archipelago of hundreds of islands near the urban feature (access for foreigners is limited, as some of the islands are a military zone).

Gothenburg himself, the residence of the Bishop of Sweden and the location of one of the oldest universities in Europe, attracts millions of tourists with their old buildings, the remnants of serfs (now filled with water and turned into channels) and its art gallery. Also interesting stock exchange (XIX in.), Cungspar’s huge park and opera house "Storm Thetern" (1859 g.), Gothaplates Square with a famous fountain "Poseidon" (1931 G.) and the concert hall (1935 g., It is considered one of the best halls of the planet), Town Hall (1672.), Artillery Arsenal Krunheuset (1643 g., The oldest city building, now there is a historical exhibition), 62-meter sea tower and a maritime center near the port, Church of Christina (XVII in.), The house of the East India company (1750 g.), in which historical and archaeological museums are now located, Fort Elfsborg (XVII in.), as well as an ultramodern skyscraper "Gothenburg Utuckken" In an unexpected red and white color scheme.

On the main street of the city – Avenue, departing from Gothaplata, there are many shops and restaurants, pubs and cafes, cinemas and entertainment centers, as well as a museum of art and city library. In the western part of Avenue, art galleries and shops selling art and folk articles are concentrated. Also widely fame received an exhibition complex and a conference center "Svenska Massen", Concert Arena "Scandinavium", stadium "Ullevi Stadium", Sports complex "Heden", Rest park "Lizerg" and T. D.

In Gothenburg there are 16 museums, among which the most interesting city museum, an art museum, ethnographic museum, Museum of Ross (the only museum of art crafts and design), Museum of the History of Medicine, Banking Museum, Observatory, Museum of Military History "Skansen Kronhan", Museum of Science "Experimatum", Museum of Natural History and Museum of Naval "Syofarthistorisk Museum" with aquarium.


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