Cities of Sab: Wyndvardside

The largest location of the island, Wyndwardside (Windward Side, Windwardside) more like a large village with picturesque houses and abundance of gardens. Located on the viewed side of the island, at the foot of Mount Mount Scenary, this town is more suitable for the title of the tourist capital of the island, – here have a lot of greens, the climate is noticeably cooler than in the West, the majority of hotels, restaurants and shops, the tourist office of the Sab Sheltered on a miniature alley, post office, universes, several banks and quite modern art galleries.

Sab Museum is located in the building of the old (XIX century) mansion surrounded by a luxurious garden. Here are the objects of the situation, clay dishes and tools with all the foreseeable history of the island, starting from the Indian era and ending with the sestructants and compasses of the colonization period. Nearby is the Memorial Museum Harry L. Johnson, who occupies a restored mansion of this Dutch Captain, as well as Studio Studio Jobean’s Hot Glass Studio and a colorful Heritj-Shoppe shop, where you can buy the best samples of the famous Saban weaving.

Cities Suba Wyndvardside

A village with an unusual name Helle Gate (a village with an unusual name Helle Gytes was rushed between Wyndvardside and the Island International Airport"Hell Gate"). The main landmark of this colorful settlement is the Kholi Rosari stone church, apparent old, and in fact built only three decades ago. Immediately behind the church, the center of the Helle Gate community, where the best samples of local weaving and embroidery are sold, as well as rum "Saba Spice" and other samples of traditional local fishery. And the road passing through this village is famous for its picturesque panoramas of the neighborhoods of Mount Sceret and sometimes opening views of the neighboring islands.

Although the water of the east coast of the Sab is quite often a berth, and the coastal rocks strongly limit the rest by the sea, the Bayw-Bay Bay near the airport is quite good for active water sports, because the rocks are protected by rocky capes and boulders. Here you can safely refresh yourself on a hot day, which is happy and make many passengers awaiting flights (on foot from the bay to the airport you can walk literally in 5 minutes). Nearby hulls of the old leather factory rise nearby (now students of the medical school are engaged here), and right under the coastal breakdown the whole series of small lagun stretches, in which you can watch the living community of the tidal and tidal zone (you can swim here, but not very comfortable – in the hot locale The climate shallow lagoons warmly warm up to + 40-47 ° C).

Cities Suba Wyndvardside

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