Sri Lanka City: Trincomale

On the beaches of the most famous on the east coast of Sri Lanka of the resort town of Trinomale (Trincomalee) all year round is sunny weather. Sandy beaches stretch a few kilometers, the sea is warm and calm.

Along the shore – a lot of small coves, protecting swimmers from the wind, the city itself hides in the perfect closed natural harbor. The eastern part of Sri Lanka is less mastered by tourists, and here you can find almost untouched corners of wildlife. Not far from the city beat seven hot springs in which baths can be taken.

The busiest beach trinkomale – Get up (Uppuveli), located 6 km from the city center. Before it can be reached by taxi or rickshah. 16 km from the city lies a 4-kilometer beach Nilaci (Nilaveli), which rests people with middle income, preferring Niladel for a successful value for money.

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Cities Sri Lanka Trincomali

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Cities Sri Lanka Trincomali

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