Sri Lanka City: Nuvara Elia

180 km from the capital, at an altitude of 2 thousand meters above sea level, the mountain resort Nuzara-Elya is located – the edge of the wonderful climate and "Tea capital of the country", Long-wearing title of one of the best resorts of Asia.

In Nuvara-Elia, many colonial style mansions, the residence of the Quinz House, a beautiful Victoria Park, a lot of vintage and modern hotels, a beautiful golf club, a hippodrome, Lake Gregory with a trout farm and many rest opportunities.

In the surrounding mountain slopes, the best black tea is grown in the world, many mountain rivers with waterfalls take place, and the highest mountain of the island is rummaged nearby – pidlutagged. In the mountain part of Sri Lanka, the waterfalls set, the Nuzara-Elia area is considered to be here just a record holder for their number.

Reviews and studies of trips

Tea stories or how many alcoholics sleeping on the streets on the day of elections?

In this report we will visit the tea plantation Pedro, near the city of Nuwar Elia, consider how many sleeping on the street of alcoholics in this city itself and ride on the mountain serpentine. Read more →

Cities Sri Lanka Nuzara-Elia

Sri Lanka. Pinnavel: Swimming Elephants

Pinnavel is a small village on the banks of the Mach Oha River, in which there is a shelter for elephants, as well as several hotels and guest houses. Elephant nursery in the pinavnel was opened with the aim of salvation of orphaned elephant, which were found in wildlife. Read more →

Linozka | February 2014

Long story about a trip to Sri Lanka

A lot on Sri Lanka of the most diverse – temples, ruins of ancient cities, safaris (classic, river, sea), beaches, tea plantations, mountains, waterfalls. I managed to see just a little bit. Read more →

Cities Sri Lanka Nuzara-Elia

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