Sri Lanka City: Colombo

Colombo (in the middle ages – a colonometer), founded by the Arab merchants, in our days turned into one of the large port cities of the Indian Ocean. The city, though not rich in historical sights, but still has its own special charm.


Business Center Colombo – Old Western Part of the City in the Fort District. There are many mansions of colonial architecture of the XVIII-XX centuries. and parks, most hotels, jewelry stores, banks and offices are concentrated. The most interesting is the extensive Primorskaya Square Park Galle Face Green, Old Lighthouse and Clock Tower, Presidential Palace, Mosque Yami-Ul-Affa, Central Park Victoria, Chinamon Gardens Gardens, State University, Buddhist University of Vidyalankar, National Museum and Art Gallery. The old trade and colonial quarters of Colombo most of them retained a unique color with churches, narrow and curves, channels, shopping grounds and small parks. Eastern Fort lying "Old city" Petthek busy hundreds of markets, shops, shops and shacks. Southeast Fort is interesting municipality building, park "Viharahadevi" With a memorial column in memory of the victims of the I-th World War and numerous Catholic churches.

Churches and Temples – the main deserving places in the capital – Buddhist monasteries of Waygeyarmara, Gotami Vihara, Dipaddutaramya and others, Hindu-Kocchchikha, Cottajna, Pette, Bambalappi, Mosque – Davatagaha, Afar-Jumma, Christian Churches. Peter, St. Lucia, St. Andrei, Scottish Presbyterian Church and T. D. All this peacefully adjacent to each other, only emphasizing the cosmopolitanity of this ancient city. Still, most of the attention of the attention is outside the capital.


If you do not want to leave far from the city, but you wish to soak on the Golden Sand, go to the beach area Mount Lavinia (Mount Lavinia). This is the most charming beach in the world, located so closely from the Big City. The area decoration is the hotel built in 1810 for the private use of the then Governor Colombo. On the beach there are small bathing houses, which can be rented for a day, travelers sell fresh pineapple and coconut juices, as well as local souvenirs and bright shells. The flow near the beach is sometimes quite strong and often changes its direction, so you should carefully follow the ads of the rescue service.

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Cities Sri Lanka Colombo

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Cities Sri Lanka Colombo

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