Sri Lanka City: Candy

The main attraction of the country is undoubtedly surrounded by the mountains of Candy Valley 116 km from Colombo, the last stronghold of the Lankan statehood before the capture of the country by European colonizers.

Candy City

Located among the hills, the city of Kandy, the former until 1815. The capital of Sri Lanka is still considered the cultural and religious center of the country. Having held the entire central part of the city of Lake extremely picturesque, and the city itself is framed by the waters of the Mahavel-Ganges River with shady shores.

On the outskirts of Kandy is the main shrine of the country – the temple of the sacred tooth of the Buddha "Dalada Maligava", Jacob "Saved" From the funerary fire of the Buddha, one of the followers of his teachings, and later brought to Sri Lanka of the Indian princess. The majesticly decorated temple contains a small stue decorated with gold and precious stones, in which sequentially there are sevenxes sequentially, in the last of which the National Shrine is kept. Millions of believers come here to worship their relics, and in August, a famous march of the holiday is held in her honor "Kandy Esal Perahraera".

Also interesting is the small museum of Candy with collections of historical exhibits and bird shelters "Protekelle Skinctuation". Candy Art Association and Cultural Center, located near Lake, offer good collections of local crafts and performances of popular dance groups.

Valley Kandy

In the penalty (suburb of Kandy) is the largest royal Botanical Garden in Asia (founded in 1821.) with an area of ​​67 hectares, with one of the richest collections in the world – here there are more than 45 thousand species of plants of tropical and equatorial belts of the planet, including many exotic plants and even historical trees (for example, Ficus of the King Eduard VII, the Iron Tree of the our Emperor Nicholas II and spruce, planted. Gagarin). The garden is divided into several zones, among which the most interesting orchid zone (more than a thousand species, for accessing the collection of wild orchids requires a special pass), zone of indoor plants (more than 750 species), palm grove (about 200 species palm) and DR.

In the city of Pinnavel (27 km. From Candy) there is a state elephant nursery Pinnavel (founded in 1975.), where you bring the remaining without parents. Here they are taught with everything necessary from the point of view of Lankaev skills (and, naturally, show tourists), and then some of them sends to zoos of the whole world, and others work on Ceylon. Elephants occupy an important place in the life of the country, as they perform a huge range of business work in many areas of life – they will fly the forest, transport goods and tourists, participate in all religious ceremonies and traditional ideas, so no wonder this respectful attitude towards these animals, which launchians show.

Cities Sri Lanka Candy

In Aluvikhara, there is a temple-cave complex, in which, according to legends, a Pali Canon (trucade) was created – one of the written monuments of Buddhism.

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