Sri Lanka City: Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is not only the ancient capital of the country, but also the Holy City.

This old royal residence is based in IV in. to N. NS. and in the time of late antiquity was widely known all over the world (to x in. was practically destroyed). Subsequent rulers of the country restored many great monuments of Anuradhapura. Restoration work only by the middle of the 20th century was restored in the old form a small part of this grand complex, but still the majestic ruins of the old city, many of which are still waiting for their recovery, occupy an area over 60 kV. KM. The grand irrigation system with seven reservoirs and a complex channel system even in our day leads to the amazement of specialists.

The largest of the monastery complexes of Anuradhapura – Vihara (Monastery) Abhayagiri (second largest Buddhist stupa in the world, 122 m.), considered one of the 8 holy places of the city. According to legend, Vihara is built on the place where the Buddha trail imprinted. In the courtyard of one of the temples, surrounded by a golden fence, there is a sacred tree Bo ("Buddha tree") older on earth. His process was brought here from India in III in. to N. NS. Sacred Buddhist Dagoba (Stupa) Ruvanovelisaia, Jetavana, Ruvaine, Tuparama and others on the skill of builders and the grace of threads are considered real masterpieces of ancient architecture. The dimensions of these structures are comparable except with Egyptian pyramids, which allows them to be considered by their real miracle of engineering equipment.

Cities Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

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Cities Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

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