Cities South Africa: Johannesburg

Johannesburg or, as Local – Yoburg (Josi) is called, was founded in 1886., When the Australian gold killer George Harrison discovered the golden vein in this area. Since then, the city has been developing a rapid pace, in our days, turning into one of the richest cities in the world.

The urban landscape at first produces a depressing impression – hundreds of heatcraft surround the city from all sides, giving it an industrial appearance. But in the center of Johannesburg, ultra-modern buildings made of glass and concrete and old buildings of the colonial building.

The most interesting building is the most interesting "Old mail" (1897 G., It is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of the city) and Oppenheimer’s garden behind it, the Central Library (1935 g., Now here are the Museum of History of the country and the Geological Museum), the complex "Market Fiece" (Three theater, art gallery, restaurants and pubs), the largest multi-storey shopping center in Africa – Sandton, "Market-Square" – One of the most grand markets of the mainland, the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of History, "Area 300 shops" Oriental Plaza, Open For Visitors to Exchange (JSE), The most beautiful city building is a skyscraper "Diamond", Neoclassical architectural complex "Bancisci", Museum of Medicine Adler, Paleontological Museum, Planetarium at the entrance to the student town, Museum of rock painting on the territory of the Zoological Park and T. D.

No less interesting surrounding historical core of the city of former suburbs, in which it is worth inspecting the African Museum in Newtown, Nelson Mandela House Museum, Amusement Park "Gold Reef City" And the best in the African continent of the zoo in Soweto, fashionable regions Parktown and Westcliffe, the Museum of Pharmaceutics in Melroz and others. Also, a lot of tourists attract the cultural village of Lessed to Wetkops Hills north of Johannesburg, the historic village of Zulu Sibayaya-Zulu-Boma, the real Zulussian Kral Fumangen-Zulu, the National Botanical Garden of Withersradd, and the caves of Sonfonttein and Mountain Magalisburg Mountains. Nearby Wadderbil Park – Real Bird Reserve, Krugersdorp and Clufeal Reserves, "Golden mine" In Randfontein with a good National Railway Museum, De Wildt wildlife breeding center, Private Reserve Mountain Sktejari and T. D.

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Johannesburg – the city is about one day maximum. Transit point for all trips in South Africa and neighboring countries. Cape Town – Day for the city, day for a kind of good hope, Cape Point, 2 more days on the road of the gardens. We decided to visit Zimbabwe, see Waterfall Victoria, Park "Chobe" in Botswana, Park "Kruger" in South Africa and Zambia. At the end – rest in local Sochi – Durban. Read more →

Cities South Africa Johannesburg

Alexxx911 | new Year 2014

This terrible Johannesburg

We immediately went to the Taxi at the APARTERID MUSEUM, while having decided to jump in the Gold Reef City Entertainment Park, where, judging by the descriptions, it was possible to descend into a real gold mine. Read more →

097mcn | December 2013

South Africa. Johannesburg

Apartheid canceled in vain. And it is no doubt! The city is captured by the ghouls and goddalaks. White people are not at all. White sit on homes or stick out on the work, they try not to appear on the streets. Read more →

Cities South Africa Johannesburg

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