Salvador City: Leon

Leon, the former capital of Nicaragua until 1857, lies in 90 km north-west Managua.

The city was founded in 1524 g. At the foot of the volcano Mombotombo (1280 m) Hernandez de Cordoba. At this place, you can still see the ruins of destroyed by earthquake and volcanic eruptions 1609. Leon Viejo (Old Leon). The city itself was moved by 30 kilometers from the north-west, to its modern place.

Nowadays, Leon is considered the most liberal city in Nicaragua and the intellectual center of the country. The monuments of the revolution, including bold Sandy frescoes, are dominant in the architectural appearance of the city, many buildings are made by marked with bullets, but Leon is still great.

Cities Salvador Leon

The main attraction of Leon is the Cathedral de la Asuncion Cathedral (the largest in Central America), which has unique paintings "Removing from the cross" Antonio Sarria and the grave of the poet Ruben Dario. The Museum of Arts with a luxurious collection of religious painting XVIII is deserved separate attention. and ceramics of the Dario Museum, Museum Ruben Dario, Museum of Legends and Traditions, Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs, Adikat Museum, Beautiful Colonial Churches (18 churches of a wide variety of architectural styles) and old Spanish-style buildings having traditionally white walls, red tiled roofs, thick Wooden doors and cool patio of courtyards.

Not far from Leon lie Chinandega – the hottest place of the country and the birthplace of the best in the country of Roma and Corinth – the main port of the country.

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