City of Romania: Sigishoara

The ancient Transylvanian city of Sigishoara, the Motherland of Vlad Charechean and one of the most colorful cities of the country, is located in the ureet of Mures.

Old town is surrounded by a wall that turns it into a real fortress. It has been preserved in pristine more than a hundred medieval houses, the mountain church (XIV in.) with a unique wooden staircase and a clock tower with unique chosen.

In the vicinity there are Castles Betechlen (XV-XVII centuries.), Krish (XVI in.), Teleki (XVIII in.), Dumbrevioara (XVII in.), as well as a fortress and reformed church (1316-1442.) in Targu Mures.

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About Romania with Love or Riddle Transylvania

View the city from the height, admire his tiled roofs, small turrets, houses, cozy courtyards, we went to the clock tower viewing platform. Read more →

PuteShestvenniki | June 2009

Cities Romania Sigisoara

By car to Asia: Kyiv – Transylvania – Bulgaria – Istanbul

Kyiv – Chernivtsi – Suchevitz – Moldovitz – Sygishoara – Risnov – Bran – Sinai – Bucharest – Sunny Beach – Nessebar – Sozopol – Istanbul – Odessa – Kyiv read more →

Mefatgg | March 2011

How did the Dracula did not meet us

Almost 2 days by train and we are in Ploiesti, in the country of Romania, stand on the platform and are looking for a person with a sign "Live keys". It was easily approached by some Romanian, she picked up our bags and said something very similar to the phrase "Live keys". He did not answer my question in our, after which I realized that we, I and the daughter of the 13th year, turned cool: completely alone, in someone else’s country, here we are lucky somewhere, and the sunset is so beautiful, and there is I wanted hard, but suddenly it is the last thing we see and feel in our lives. Besides us two because none of the trains came out. Read more →

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