Romania Cities: Brasov

Brasov, the ancient center of Transylvania, it is worth a visit for the sake of acquaintance with the monuments of the feudal era.

The main attractions of the city are the remains of the Citadel (1395-1553.), Church of St. Nicholas (1495 g.), one of the cult sites of the country – Bizmerik-Nagre (Black Church, XIV-XV BB.), Church of St. Bartholomew (XIII in.), Historical Museum in the XV building., Town Hall (1420 g.) and many colorful houses of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Just 15 km from Brasov lies the famous Castle Bran (1377-1382.), though having nothing to do with Dracula, but in itself enough interesting – now there is a museum of feudal art.

8 km from Brasov are no less impressive castle of Richnov and the Fortress Church in the prelimine.

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Brasov, Sigishoara, Sibiu

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Cities Romania Brasov

sviatt | December 2014

Brasov, Romania – Walk from the administrative center to historical

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Brasov, Romania – Karaul Fortress

In Brasov, as in many old cities there is a fortress. She served to protect the city and stood on his outskirts. Now this place is almost the city center. Read more →

Cities Romania Brasov

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