Reunion city: Silao

The city of Syoul developed as a resort from the end of the XIX century, when pools and baths were built here at the site of thermal sources.

The name of this place is obtained from Malagasy "Tsay Laosana", What is translated as "place from which you never return".

Over the past years, pools and walls of structures were mad, and the resort was closed in the middle of 1987. and turned into a museum.

New complex, Etlabessey-thermal-irreg, which uses the same sources, was discovered quite recently. This is a great place to relax after a long tour of the surrounding mountains.

Cities Reunion Silao

Most residents of Silay are derived from immigrants from Brittany and Normandy, which appeared here in the XVIII in. The region has become known as the manufacturer of the majority of food, excellent local embroidery and high-quality sweet red and white wines.

Circus Silao, One of the three on the island, reminds the usual volcanic crater, but in fact this is the result of the action of the Tectonic forces of the Earth, the same most that the famous Peak Matterhorn has created in Switzerland. Cascade de Brace Rouge – A wonderful place for a one-day walk, which starts from the city and descends to the old thermal pools, and then crosses the slopes above Bras de Ethan. After a couple of hours of hike in the picturesque places you will reach a waterfall Cascade de Brace Rouge, Located in a very beautiful location between the mountain rocks and luminous vegetation.

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